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Posting God
Posting God
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The boards live!

At one point, these forums were the forums of the United Wrestling League, an interfed that was out there to help small, regional, and just opened efeds grow. We helped efeds like ACE, NAW, NGSE, and others come from nothing, to great success. We also rolled the dice and personally build and open efeds (those were not as successful). The UWL at its best, was a great community that saw TEN regional efeds within the League at the same time, which is a rare feat for any interfed using this system. It was also a community that clicked (not cliqued) and showed signs of other great communities of the past.

Then real life punched me in the face.

I had to step away from the game, for good and bad reasons.

My love for the hobby had been gone, but I loved the idea of helping others enjoy the game.

And today, that love still exists.

Which brings us to the new and improved P.W. Syndicated. Pro eWrestling Syndicated originally was an In-Character "Television Network" (pre WWE Network) that aired all the feds events, as well as UWL Events and Original Programs. Innovative, and very difficult to pull off.

It was also a back up plan. If UWL for whatever reason failed, P.W. Syndicated was my next plan. Turn the forums into simply a community. A community that is here simply to help you guys enjoy the game of efedding.

An homage to the days of Roughkut, these forums (and soon to be website) are here for recruiting, for free advertising, to find a new home, and for general chit chatting. We're here for you to kick back, relax, and have fun.

We do have fun ideas in mind, including a routinely sent Newsletter, podcasts, blogs/articles, rankings, annual events, and other goodies. But at our core, we are a community here to help each other.

So go on, check out the forums, and please interact with everyone. We're happy to have you here.

Thank You,
Kevin Hill