PW Syndicated Looking For Staff

Fedheads post here if you are looking to hire someone for help. This can be for any number of staff positions: co-owner, GM, match writer, rp judge, GFX creator, etc.Those of you who have the itch to run an eFed should look here before starting one without the right resources. Helping an already built fed can be just as satisfying.

PW Syndicated Looking For Staff

Posting God
Posting God
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May 25th, 2016, 9:53 pm #1

We are currently looking for staff for our PW Syndicated forums. This is not a first come, first serve thing, as we are just looking for interested people. If you are interested, reply here and we will discuss from there.

Positions Available:

Moderator - Someone to help Mod the boards, make sure everyone is abiding by the rules, and help stop SpamBots.

GFX Team - We would like our own GFX team to handle requests from members, as well as help with GFX when the website gets launched.

Writers/Bloggers - We will have plenty of blogs/articles here and we would love to have some regular writers. We prefer them to be themed. I am currently doing a WWE Raw blog. Perhaps someone can do a Smackdown, NXT, TNA, etc. Or a video game blog. Or an eFed based blog. We are all ears.

Podcast Hosts - This is more in the future, but we are going to go ahead and post it. We would love to host podcasts. If you have a podcast already and want us to host it, or would be interested in hosting one we create, speak up!

More to be posted, as needed.