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Posting God
Posting God
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We are currently looking for staff for our PW Syndicated forums. This is not a first come, first serve thing, as we are just looking for interested people. If you are interested, reply here and we will discuss from there.

Positions Available:

Moderator - Someone to help Mod the boards, make sure everyone is abiding by the rules, and help stop SpamBots.

GFX Team - We would like our own GFX team to handle requests from members, as well as help with GFX when the website gets launched.

Writers/Bloggers - We will have plenty of blogs/articles here and we would love to have some regular writers. We prefer them to be themed. I am currently doing a WWE Raw blog. Perhaps someone can do a Smackdown, NXT, TNA, etc. Or a video game blog. Or an eFed based blog. We are all ears.

Podcast Hosts - This is more in the future, but we are going to go ahead and post it. We would love to host podcasts. If you have a podcast already and want us to host it, or would be interested in hosting one we create, speak up!

More to be posted, as needed.