Stardate Formatting

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Stardate Formatting

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November 22nd, 2016, 2:42 pm #1


The Stardate system to be used is as follows.

The current Sim year is 2391 so basically, the method of date relation is as follows.

2010 = 2387
2011 = 2388
2012 = 2389
2013 = 2390
2014 = 2391
2015 = 2392
2016 = 2393

So the stardate for today would look as follows:

239112.03 This is using Today's Day and Month but the Star Trek year of 2391 and when the 1st of January 2015 comes around it will be shown as 239201.01

Also above the - Location - Indicator you are to put the Stardate using the example displayed here. This way we can keep track of what day is what.

But to account for the fact that this is a casual sim, if you make one posr on e.g. 4th Dec 2014 and another four days later, still put IC the 5th Dec 2014 or 239112.05 the same day can only be mentioned twice a third is to be moved onto the next day.



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