S1 Ep1 Arrival - We are a Go for Launch Pt2

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S1 Ep1 Arrival - We are a Go for Launch Pt2

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- USS Tomcat – Sickbay -

The doors parted before her as she entered “Lieutenant Report” She ordered looking at McCallister.

Suddenly realizing that the doctor was busy, “It can wait” She said and left Sickbay, when she was a clear distance away.

=/\= Bridge to Captain =/\=

Her Commbadge activated, tapping it to make the link both ways =/\= Go ahead=/\=

=/\= Sir those ships you requested have just arrived =/\=

=/\= Affirmative on my way, Somers out =/\= she responded and entered the turbolift

- USS Tomcat – Bridge -

As Jasmine arrived on the bridge the viewscreen came to life.

=/\= Greetings Major Somers, I am Captain Simms, I come with those items you requested” He said.

=/\= Hello to you too Captain Simms, the Romulan ship exploded due to power overload, but its sole occupant is in my Sickbay, please beam over Medical Teams and such, you will need to clear things with Lieutenant McCallister my Chief Medical Officer before the prisoner is moved to your Medical ship. As for the diplomat, it is covering all possibilities, in case the Romulan’s take issue with this. Also I am sending you all collected data from the Romulan vessel Captain =/\= She said.

With a tight lipped smile, that had a tint of disappointment =/\= I understand Major, we will beam over the appropriate personnel, Simms out =/\= With that the viewscreen changed to the view of the New Arrivals.

Jasmine looked around “he is Starfleet Intelligence, would you not say?” She asked the bridge crew and all agreed. Then opening a channel =/\= Bridge to Security keep an eye on the new arrivals, I suspect they are intelligence officers =/\=

=/\= Affirmative Major, Security Out =/\=

Then she opened another link =/\= Somers to McCallister=/\=

- USS Tomcat - CMO's office -

Gabriel rubbed her eyes. The test just proved, over and over, what she already knew. He was progressed quite far into his condition. Then the Commbadge beeped, breaking her concentration.

oOWhat now?!Oo

She replied as pleasantly as possible. =/\=Yes, captain?=/\=

=/\= Some Medics and others will be beaming over, and will want to take the Romulan with them, I suggest you let him go without trouble Lieutenant, I have a feeling they are not telling everything, just update their Medics and release the Romulan over to them =/\= she said.

=/\= Captain, he's not ready to be moved yet. And my testing isn't completed. He should not be relocated until I'm finished here!=/\=

=/\= I understand and agree Lieutenant, but I have a feeling these people have powerful friends, and I do not want to cause an internal incident. Please just allow them to take the Romulan, Somers out =/\= she said and closed the link.

"Ugh! This is ridiculous." She muttered to herself. "Get the the patient ready for transport! He's being taken off our hands."

Her assistant started to protest but caught the look in Gabriel’s eye. "I know. He's not good enough to move, and we'll make sure they know that when they get down here. But let's do the best that we can so that if anything happens, its on their heads."

She brushed a loose hair out of her face and gave the Vice Admiral another dose of sedative.

- Bridge -

A new announcements made Somers sit up straighter and initially exclaim loudly.

“Major the shuttle has just landed” The Sensor Officer said Jasmine just nodded as she sat in her chair.

“WHAT!!!” She exclaimed then more calmly “I thought they were beaming over” She said.

“I think its safe to assume that they got something to hide Major” The Communications Officer said.

Jasmine only nodded in agreement, then opened a ship wide.

=/\= Lieutenants Tsmel and McCallister report to my ready room after our guests have left =/\=

Sofee hit her Commbadge =/\= Yes, Captain. =/\= Sofee waited a few more minutes, and then headed straight to the bridge. Once she reached it, she rang the chimes of the door.

=/\= Yes Sir =/\= McCallister simply said.

=/\= Thank you, Bridge out =/\= she finished as she silently fumed oO damn intelligence Service Oo she thought and was glad Donovan was not here to sense her frustration. “Helm and Navigation, set a heading for Deep Space 10 when our guests have left the ship and send the CMO and CEO straight to my ready room if they come via the bridge” She said.

“Yes Major” both responded as Jasmine left the bridge.

- Captain’s Ready Room -

She took her seat and was reading something when the door Chime sounded.


Her Chief Engineer entered.

“Ah Lieutenant, please take a seat, I have some questions, and I will ask if you can keep them simple so that a non-engineering person can understand them” She paused “You want a drink Lieutenant?” She asked.

"No, I am fine. What is it that you called me here for?"

Sitting down and looking at the Vulcan over the edge of the mug of tea, she studied Tsmel.

“You are not in trouble Lieutenant, and I need your expertise” She began, Tsmel only raised an eyebrow. “In layman’s terms Lieutenant please explain to me how a Romulan Warbird could just develop an overload and explode? I suspect it had something to do with tying in all systems to the bridge. But I would like to hear your opinion on this” Jasmine said.

"It is. I did not think it was possible to do it, and make it last that long. That ship was an older model, and it is only able to take so much. It was only a matter of time before it would blow up, and it amazed me that the ship did not do so sooner."

Jasmine listened and nodded in agreement “be seated Lieutenant” She said, this time it was not a requests; she looked at Tsmel until the woman sat down.

She was about to speak when the Comms came alive =/\= Major, those ships have now left, not one seemed to be happy=/\=

Activating her Comms =/\= Thank you, set course for DS10 best speed, Somers out =/\= she said and closed the link. “Now where was I, ah yes? Well the CO of the lead ship that just left was kind of upset that the Romulan Warbird went boom, so I am of the mind that he was Starfleet Intelligence or Section 31, either way they were upset. I imagine the Lieutenant McCallister is upset, probably the reason why she is slow to respond to my hail” Jasmine paused as she looked at Tsmel “so Lieutenant, what do you think of the latest events surrounding the Romulan ship and its commander? Permission to speak freely is given” She said

"It was not something I was looking forward to. Having already dealt with a Vulcan with emotional problems, I was not looking forward to a Romulan with Bendii. However, I am somewhat surprised as to the fact that he was able to get away with controlling everything from the bridge. Even with Bendii, he was able to think clearly enough to make it happen, but not thinking clearly enough to figure out the future outcome of what he did."

“I am sorry you were put in that situation Lieutenant, I know there has always been a rift between the Vulcan and Romulan’s, but I needed my best over there.” She paused looking at the clock “hmm McCallister must be really upset, if she is taking this long to arrive, do not blame her I am none too happy about losing our Romulan either” Looking at the clock again “We should arrive at Deep Space 10 around late afternoon tomorrow, I will need you and your team to make sure that our engines are in top order, because after my briefing with Colonel V’Tolk we will be heading into the Corridor. Thank you for you time and opinions Lieutenant, dismissed” Jasmine said with a smile.

Sofee stood up, and bowed before heading out of the ready room. After she left she headed to Engineering to make sure everything was in order.

- Bridge - A day Later 0830hours -

Jasmine Understood that McCallister was upset about her patient, so she let the no show slide, now sitting in her seat on the Bridge with the Viewscreen showing Deep Space Ten growing larger on the viewscreen.

“Helm deal with DS10 Flight control will you” Somers said.

“Aye sir”

She opened ship wide.

=/\= All hands, this is the Captain, we will be docking with Deep Space 10 in thirty minutes, when we dock you will be on shore leave till 2300 hours, Captain out=/\= She closed the link.

She prepared things that she would need after docking, she checked over her log and other files on the Padd, and then her Yeoman approached with things a Padd for her to sign, all this took sometime, as the Yeoman left she took a look around the bridge and the sensors picked up a lot of traffic arriving.

“Helm I will be in my ready room, crew are free to disembark when we are secured in dock” She said.

“Yes Major” The Helm Officer said.

Bridge - A day Later 0830hours

Jasmine Understood that McCallister was upset about her patient, so she let the no show slide, now sitting in her seat on the Bridge with the Viewscreen showing Deep Space Ten growing larger on the viewscreen.

“Helm deal with DS10 Flight control will you” Somers said.

“Aye sir”

She opened ship wide.

=/\= All hands, this is the Captain, we will be docking with Deep Space 10 in thirty minutes, when we dock you will be on shore leave till 2300 hours, Captain out=/\= She closed the link.

She prepared things that she would need after docking, she checked over her log and other files on the Padd, and then her Yeoman approached with things a Padd for her to sign, all this took sometime, as the Yeoman left she took a look around the bridge and the sensors picked up a lot of traffic arriving.

“Helm I will be in my ready room, crew are free to disembark when we are secured in dock” She said.

“Yes Major” The Helm Officer said.

- Ready Room – 0850 -

Sitting behind her desk “Computer begin Computer log”

“Ready” The computer responded.

“Captain’s Log Stardate 45462.75: We are currently docking with Deep Space ten; here I will be picking up my first Officer and Second Officer and the supplies that were not on the ship when we started out on this mission. I will need to speak to my immediate superior here a Colonel V’Tolk; from here we will venture into the Gravarian Corridor and our new Mission. End log” With that the ship alerted him that they were secured in dock and that her instructions were being carried out.

It had been close to 4 yrs since Major Jonathan Frost had stepped on to a Starship, now after taking those 4 yrs of retirement of he had given it some thought and talked it out with Starfleet Command to return. Now as his shuttle was nearing DS10 he looked out the window and noticed the USS Tomcat docked at one of the pylons.

"Major Frost, we are on approach to DS10 we will be docking in 10 minutes"

"Thanks" he said.

She was looking over some files when her Commbadge chirruped, tapping it to activate

=/\= Major Somers this is Major Jonathan Frost requesting permission to come aboard, Sir=/\=

As Frost exited the shuttle and begun his short journey to the Tomcat, he noticed a that the station was busy and not many people he knew for 4 yrs ago. All he knew really about his new commanding officer was that she was a Major as well, and also that the crew was slowly coming together. Reaching the pylon were the ship was docked he noticed one thing out of place, No chief of the ship was the to greeting him. So the next best thing he did was tap his Commbadge.

=/\= Permission Granted Major, please come to my Ready room when you have put your kit in your room =/\= She said.

=/\=Thank you sir, I will report to your Ready Room once I store my things. Frost out=/\=

When the line had closed “One of my Officers has finally boarded” She said to herself, she got engrossed in her reading and was startled when her door chime sounded, putting the Padd down she looked up at the door.

“Enter” She said and her First Officer entered and she returned his salute.

Major Frost walked into the room and waited to offered a seat, still a little nervous about being on a Starship again.

“Welcome to the Tomcat Major Frost, please be seated, can I offer you a drink?” She asked.

"Thank you Major, at this point a drink would come in nicely. I see that Command offered you a Akira Class, I think personally they are one of the best ships in the fleet." He said

“Yes they did and yes the Akira is a good ship", and then she stood up and walked over to the replicator “two teas one with two sweeteners and milk the other with just milk” She said. Then she walked back to her desk passing the mug of tea to Frost, she sat down pulled up Frosts file.

"Any Idea what our mission will be once we depart DS10" he asked.

“Just your standard Starfleet mission, as this crew is new to this area, none of use have an idea of what is out there, I have to meet with Colonel V’Tolk first, but after that we can be on our way.” She paused, studied his Filed a moment, and then looked at him “I see from your record that you are returning to the Fleet, interesting, I do have some ground rules, 1. On duty it’s either Captain or Major 2. No need to salute, as we are the same rank” She said taking a sip of her tea “feel free to ask any questions Major.”

“Nothing further” Frost said dipping his head respectfully as he left the Ready Room.

- Captain’s Ready Room -

“Notify me when the Tactical Sensor Tests are complete, I will be in my Ready Room” She said and Donovan nodded.

As the Tactical Sensor tests were going on outside, she wondered if the Chief Engineer had any Idea what was about to happen.

With that she entered her Ready room, pulled out a small wooden box and activated the communications.

=/\= Captain to Lieutenant Tsmel, please report to my Ready Room immediately, Somers out=/\= She said and closed the link.

While she waited for her Chief Engineer, she looked over some reports and when the door chime went off, she put them to one side.


Her Chief Engineer entered.

Sofee walked into the room, as she was asked. "Yes, Captain. What might I be able to do for you?"

"Please be seated Lieutenant”

After the Vulcan was sitting, Somers continued.

“I am officially making you my Second Officer Lieutenant” she said and paused while she studied the Vulcan’s face.

Like most Vulcan’s, Sofee's face was unchanged. "Thank you, Captain."

“Oh there is one more thing!” She said letting it hang there as she stood up, picking up the small box as she walked around the table to her left and the Vulcan’s right side “Please stand Lieutenant” She said.

When the engineer was standing, she continued, as she opened the box to show the Engineer a black pip.

“As my Second Officer, and in my opinion my 2XO cannot be a Full Lieutenant, I am herby promoting you to Lieutenant Commander, with all the rights and privileges of that rank” Jasmine said as she placed the pip behind the second gold pip and stood back. “Congratulation’s Lieutenant Commander Tsmel, you have anything to say or ask?”

"Just thank you again, Captain. I realize this would be the correct thing to say in this instance."

“Indeed, you will need to spend part of your time on the bridge from now on, you understand? Also should you decide to in the future, you can ask to go through the CO’s course like I did, but I must warn it is no easy task, nor is commanding a ship for the first time.” She said trying to read the Vulcan and having no luck.

Sofee nodded. "I understand, Captain, but if I may, Captain, I do not yet trust the Engineering staff to leave them alone with the Engine Room. I had something happen to the ship once already, and I would prefer to have a couple of days to make sure that my Staff knows what they are doing."

"Thats okay Commander, but you will need to do some Bridge duty at some point" Jasmine said.

"I understand, and I shall do so."

"Also Commander when you return to Engineering make sure main and auxillary Power is running perfectly, when we go on our mission I do not want the Power to wink out" She said.

"That was the plan, Captain. I do not like it when anything 'winks out' while in my care. I will check that at once."

"Thank you Commander, dismissed"

Sofee stood up, bowed her head, and then turned and left. She headed straight for Engineering to do a quick check on her staff.

She watched the Chief engineer leave and returned to her desk and reports.

Sofee made it down to Engineering, and looked around. It seemed that the Engineering crew were all doing their job correctly, but she always wanted to double check recently. She had done a good job of training Ensign Jamin as her Assistant, but with the crew change of the Tomcat, he was transferred, and now she had to train someone new. Now she had to do it quickly, so that she could correctly perform her duties as Second Officer.

- Deep Space 10 -

With his duffel bag over his shoulder Anton took one last look at the USS Tomcat from DS10's observation area before turning and heading towards the docking port. As he walked through the station his eyes picked up the going on around him. Everything from the tired Starfleet officer to the shifty looking Ferengi... well all Ferengi look shifty so shiftier than usual.

As he approached the docking ring he saw a pretty fed up looking Ensign standing there. He had no doubt been playing doorman for a while. "Ensign step lively," he barked with his russian accent coming through, scaring the poor lad out of his skin. "Major Markov. I trust you have been informed I would be arriving."

"Uh no sir" came the reply. "I only have a Major Frost on the list."

"That would be because I'm his replacement. Major Frost has been reassigned." He paused while the Ensign took it in and though about whether or not to stop the 6' 4" Major. Anton chuckled. "I'll show myself in. And you need a coffee. I'll get one sent out to you." Anton brushed past and went inside the ship leaving the now even more confused Ensign behind. He began walking to his Quarters to drop his bag off before he could report in.

- USS Tomcat - Various -

Anton dropped his bag onto the floor in his quarters and walked over to the mirror to make sure his uniform was straight. A quick fix and out the door and into the turbo lift. Being so close to the bridge was always handy. As he walked out he took a quick look around at the staff there. Not seeing the Green uniform of Major Somers he turned towards her ready room and pressed the buzzer for entry.

Jasmine was almost finished with her reports when the buzzer sounded.

Quietly to herself "Dammit just about finished too" She said then sighing heavily said "Enter"

A Marine Major entered, she studied him, and looked at new Crew lists and found out who he was.

"Ah Major Markov please be seated" She paused. "Could I offer you a drink?" She asked.

"Certainly. I would say some Russian vodka but I doubt you have any of that hidden in your desk. So a coffee will do nicely." He replied

Getting two drinks, one a mug of tea, the other a mug of Coffee and passed the coffee to Markov as she sat down. She gave him a mysterious smile as he said about Vodka "Oh, how little you know me, Major, I never drink on duty" she said.

Taking a drink of his coffee Anton got right down to business. "So Major what kind of shape are we in? And I hear we have a new 2XO as well. What's she like?" he asked.

Taking a sip of her mug "Well she is the Chief Engineer and a Vulcan, she has been a member of the Tomcat crew, long before I took command. So I figured she was over due a promotion and being the new 2XO a Lieutenant was too junior a rank, so I promoted her to Lieutenant Commander. As for the state of the ship, we are currently aligning Tactical scanners and I plan to run a CAP Drill. I see no reason not to keep our pilots in shape as well as the crew" She answered.

Anton chuckled. "A Vulcan eh? I suppose she will keep us marines well behaved at the very least. I'm sure she knows her stuff, I'll drop in on her later." He took another drink of coffee. "I'm going to assume those tactical scanners are a priority. We'd be no use without them. Once we get them working we can always have the CAP engage us in a simulated battle. Just to test both crew perhaps?"

Taking another sip of her tea "So Major where were you before coming to the Tomcat! did you serve on a ship or a base?" She asked.

"I've been about. Just off the USS Los Angeles as her XO. Before that I worked by way up the ranks of various stations and ships through the dominion war." He instinctively reached to his arm and scratched the scar. "Then got a nice post patrolling the border on the USS Hawk her her marine XO. Eventually moved to her Marine CO. Then the LA and now here. Figured that the Cardassian border was always where I'd be. And no better place than a Marine ship like the Tomcat. Your turn Major. How'd you end up out here?"

Finishing her tea and putting the cup down "believe it or not I started off as a Full Lieutenant on the USS Comanche a Steam runner Class ship, when things went south, I was transferred to the USS Sentinel made Lieutenant Commander and for a short time Second Officer, before that went South when the CO vanished." She paused "Then when an opening on the USS Invincible came up I had already transferred to Starfleet Marines and become the ships Marine CO on the ship, but I did not have much luck with COs as he too gone and done a vanishing act. Shortly after that I applied for my own Command did the COs tests and took Command of the Tomcat, my first Command and I am already on my second First Officer" She said with a light chuckle, and this is how I ended up out here, it is an experience I can tell you" She finished.

"Ahh I see. Well I'll make sure you don't do anything stupid. And I plan to stay around," he said with a mischievous wink. He drained the last of his coffee and put the cup on the desk. "CO's exam is to much trouble. I figure if they want me to command they'll offer me it based on my experience. If that's not good enough I'm content to keep doing this."

As he finished the Comms Came alive.

=/\= Donovan to Captain =/\=

Activating the Comm panel on her desk

=/\= Go ahead Lieutenant =/\=

=/\= Tactical Sensors and Targeting aligned, orders? =/\=

Looking at Markov but speaking to Donovan =/\= Have Helm take us clear of the station and prepare for a combat exercise with our fighters =/\= she responded.

=/\= Confirmed boss, Tactical out =/\=

As the link closed, Jasmine looked to Markov.

"Well Major go sort out the CAG and brief him on the exercise, Fifteen ships will be our CAP, while the other fifteen will act as the enemy, all of us will fire powered down Phasers, this will happen when we are a safe distance from DS 10" She said to Markov.

Standing up and straightening his uniform he replied, "Will do Major. I'll go and grab the 2XO and take her down with me. Let her see how that side of things run. Chances are I'll stay down with the fighter jocks control room to keep an eye on them." Turning about he walked to the door and pressed the button to open it. As it slides open he turned and said, "And Major. I'll bring you one of my bottles of Russian Vodka. For your off duty enjoyment of course." With that he walked out and headed towards main engineering.

- Bridge -

After her XO had left, Jasmine returned to the bridge and sat in her chair as the Tomcat cleared the station and when at a safe distance.

=/\=Bridge to CAG=/\=

=/\=Jones here. Go ahead Major.=/\=

=/\=Launch first fifteen fighters and have them wait out of range of ships Sensors, then when you are ready begin exercise=/\= She instructed.

"Aye, aye sir." No rest for the wicked Jones thought. He was only on the ship 30 minutes earlier and had just got to the hangers. Tapping an intercom button it crackled and all the pilots and crews stood to listen. "All pilots to your craft. Simulated assault against the Tomcat. Blue Squadron will be the defenders and Red Squadron will be the attackers. Red Squad form on me and position yourselves out of sensor range."

As soon as he was finished he seen the instant reaction of the marines as was custom. Pilots moving quickly to their ships and ground crew moving to clear the flight deck. Jogging to his own fighter Hammer jumped in and powered up his ship. As he begun take off he saw the hanger doors opening and saw a somewhat familiar face standing there in a Majors Uniform. That was something to sort for when he got back.

15 Minutes later Red squadron was ready and in position outside of the Tomcats Sensor range. Switching to short range Comms he gave the orders. "All right guys listen up. I want everyone to go for the fighters first. Stay nimble and stay fast. Don't let them get behind you. Ill deal with the Tomcat."

=/\=Confirmed, Bridge out=/\= then to the bridge crew, "okay the moment those fighters are out of range consider the exercise has began" She said.

=/\= Captain Jones to USS Tomcat. We are in position and ready to begin Exercise =/\=

Pressing a touch screen button on the arm of her chair =/\= Confirmed Captain, begin simulated attack when ready, Tomcat out. =/\=

She looked around the bridge, let me know when you detect Captain Jones's fighter Wing" She said.

"Yes Sir" Lieutenant S'arila Donovan responded.

"Computer, begin recording Wargame" She said and the computer bleeped letting her know that it was Recording.

She left it up to Captain Jones's judgement when to attack, so her crew went about her business, suddenly after a lengthy period.

"Hostiles detected Captain" Donovan said.

"Red Alert" Jasmine ordered, the opened ship wide =/\= Bridge to all hands battle stations, Major Markov launch our fighters, have one hide in our wake, Seven patrolling the rest defending, then wait for my signal =/\= She said.

Markov was standing looking at the 3D board in front of him. Quickly issuing the correct orders he smiled inside as the green friendly blips appeared and moved to their position. Thankfully he had the tomcat on his side and he hoped that the patrol would be able to clean up at least half of the boogies before they got caught themselves. But something didn't feel right. He had seen the face of the CAG and it looked familiar. He shook off the thought and continued to watch the screen.

Tactics were the key. As he looked at his screen he saw that the CO of the Tomcat was smart. Keeping a fighter hidden behind was good. But splitting the CAP wasn't. In a 2 to 1 fight he knew he could get away with nearly all his own fighters intact. And he planned too.

"Hammer to all pilots. Engage the patrol. Weapons free." Flicking the safety and checking again his fighter was in simulation mode he hit full throttle and his fighter blasted towards the Tomcats patrol, fire in their eyes and ready for action.

Opening the Comm channel =/\= Okay people the first squadron will be attacking, keep alert, bridge out =/\= then she opened a link to Markov. =/\= Bridge to Markov=/\=

Opening the Comm channel =/\= Okay people the first squadron will be attacking, keep alert, bridge out =/\= then she opened a link to Markov. =/\= Bridge to Markov=/\=

=/\= Rodger that Major. =/\= He relayed instructions to the patrol to get ready for the engagement. The hidden fighter would be the ace in the hole.

=/\=At your discretion Anton have our hidden fighter get around behind the leader and take him out of the fight, then have him be our agent of chaos, the opposing flight leader knows of our hidden fighter, Major launch the two armed runabouts, have them hide behind us along with the fighter, they will take the lead from the fighter Pilot, make it quick Major, Sensors have detected hostiles as long distance=/\= She said with a smile, well aware that her XO could not see it.

Anton smiled. Another smart move. Launching the two runabouts into the aft of the Tomcats signature would prevent the CAG from spotting them. Quickly sending the orders and positions for them to join the formation he sent word to his lead elements to engage the enemy fighters. "Tomcat to Blue lead. Move to engage."

"Aye sir moving to engage," came the reply.

Time to see what these flyboys have got in them the Major thought.

Jones looked again at his systems to make sure all showed correct before jumping into the fight. Doing a quick barrel roll to make sure that the assistance from the computer was still working he and his pilots flew head on into Blue wing. In a fair fight it would be down to skill. But having the numbers favour in 2 to 1 meant that his team could double up covering each other preventing the enemy from getting a kill shot.

Quickly Identifying blue leader by the trimmings on his fighter Hammer streaker after him wingman in pursuit. Eager to keep a high accuracy rating the two Red pilots forced Blue lead into Hammers sights and with a quick burst took him out. Spinning back around he saw skirmishes taking place all over but ending quickly. He took a quick look as his casualties report. 4 losses for 7 kills. Not good enough he thought to himself. With those numbers he should have gotten all 7 for nill.

"Red lead to all fighters form up and proceed to the Tomcat. Pick a target and Peel off and cover me to the Tomcat." He knew that Somers would have her best pilot in that hidden fighter. Her ace. It was a good job he had one as well.

"Dammit!" he shouted at no one in particular. "7 Losses for just 4 kills. What kind of flying to you guys call that?!" Anton asked. He knew he was being hard. But he still demanded better. Good pilots should have done more.

=/\= Markov to Somers. Blue flight is KIA. Suggest moving the Fighters alongside Tomcat in formation and Tomcat Engaging at range. =/\=

=/\= Do so Anton and spring our little surprise on your order, the Tactical Officer will pick them off, Somers out =/\=

When the line was closed Jasmine looked at S'arila Donovan "Okay lets see what you can do" She said, the Human hybrid nodded. "Helm advance forward 1/3 impulse, Tactical fire when ready" She ordered.

As the ship advanced slowly Donovan's aim was impeccable, she found Jones's fighter and took it out of the fight as the extra surprise was launched.

Activating Comms =/\=Anton have you sprung our surprise? Donovan has just taken out the attacking leader=/\= She asked.

=/\= Affirmative Captain all is in hand =/\= Markov responded.

He knew that was a long shot. A Starship would never be able to hit a fighter at range. But still he could always hope one of them was sleeping.

- USS Tomcat Bridge - during War games -

The doors of the turbolift opened with a slight hush. And he then walked onto the bridge. "I will see if the Captain will be able to see us Sir." The junior officer said. "See to it Johanson...I'm not expecting this to be a Love Boat cruise." "No Sir" the junior marine replied. "I know we both expect your reputation to precede you. But if it matters any Sir....If any of the Loco Lobos were here Sir. They would go where ever you asked of them. And tell them your Mother is allot worse than you are." The MCO smirked a bit to the comment and said.

"Mother does swing a mean pocketbook...doesnt she?" "Yes Sir, she does...and means every word out of her mouth." Johanson responded. He then turned to the door and said

"Permission to enter ma'am." Tommohawk announced himself

Jasmine was concentrating on the War game when a voice behind her spoke.

Turning around to face the new arrival she saw a crisp clean Second Lieutenant "Permission Granted Lieutenant, now what can I do for you?" she asked.

"I'm 2nd Lt. Johanson, aide de camp to Maj. Tommohawk. We are reporting to this vessel ma'am. Is there anything that the Major should know at this time?" The young man questioned.

"If there is anything Lieutenant, I will tell him, please send him in" She said.

"Right away ma'am" and he left and said to his commander." She will see you sir. She expects a briefing of all SFMC readiness on the ship within the hour."

Marctroy then thought of it and said "Get my battle uniform out and get my gears on standby. Im going to make an appearance to the battalion personally."

Johanson saluted his superior and said "Aye Sir" and departed away from them. Marctroy then steeled himself oO Well...Papa's stars and Mother's pocketbook cant help me now. Time to enter the unknown. Oo he thought to himself knowing that the bitterness of his trial had left many in Starfleet unsure of whom was Marctroy serving.. Himself, the SFMC, or the needs of the United Federaton of Planets. But as he entered the ready room of his new Captain, Marctroy knew lives would be on the line. And leading them home is what he does best.

"Major Marctroy X. Tommohawk reporting for duty Ma'am.." He said in a crisp military manner....

"Welcome to the Bridge Major, your new Command is below decks, for now you will have to use the holodecks for your training sessions and any exercises. Also until we get a proper Unit Leader, you will watch over Alpha Unit of the 95th Rifles, but you will still retain your overall command of the Marines stationed on this ship. Is there any questions?" She said and ended with a question.

"None Captain, is that all?" The new MCO asked.

"Yes we are done here, dismissed Major" She said and watched him leave.

- Space Simulation Battle -

"Dammit!" he yelled. Those targeting arrays weren't supposed to be aligned. He cursed himself for making such an amateur mistake as assuming something. Thankfully the blast had only clipped him and momentarily disabled his power. Quickly running through the reboot sequence he instructed his other pilots to be aware (not that they could miss the orange beam) of fire from the Tomcat.

Hitting full throttle the flight of fighters blasted into contact dodging and weaving around the orange phaser blasts. Amazingly they managed to get into contact with the Tomcats screen with only 2 casualties and a few with shield damage. Once there the Tomcat was forced to hold fire until it was certain it had a target otherwise they risked hitting on of their CAP (Combat air patrol). And even if they did. The instinctive reactions of the pilots and snappy manoeuvres made it a waste of energy.

Being behind the fighters battle Jones was able to zip past them and overhead the Tomcat. As he done so he turned off the computer assistance. This meant that that he could turn the fighter in any direction but it would head in the direction it was already going in.

Anton was watching the manoeuvre on the screen. The fighter flipped so it was facing down and it hurtled like a crab across the top of the Tomcat. All credit to the tactical officer who managed to land another glancing shot on it reducing the shields to near critical levels. The Majors Surprise had already seen the CAG and had opened fire as well. The Valkyrie behind the Tomcat was not so lucky. It took just a few well placed shots and a micro quantum torpedo to knock him out of the fight.

"Markov to Zulu flight take him out!"

"Aye sir engaging now."

On screen he could see the Valkyrie easily out manoeuvring the runabouts but thanks to their heavy shielding and arced Phasers it made for an interesting watch. He doubted though that after such an un text book manoeuvre the pilot was going to allow himself to get nabbed but a tin can.

- Bridge -

Jasmine was watching the exercise with interest, while Donovan had clipped the lead fighter, she had only singed it and half hour later it was back in the fight. Suddenly her Comms Officer perked up.

"Sir, message from Vice Admiral th'Zorati" He said.

"Patch it to my chair" Jasmine said and looked down at the screen. oO So we have to dock at Docking Port Beta-1, Lower Promenade Oo she thought, looked at the Comms Officer. "Open a hail to the fighters and ship" She said and when the Comms Officer nodded. =/\= This is the Captain to all fighters, well done people, exercise concluded, Major Markov recall all fighters and Runabouts, until further notice everyone is on some downtime, you will have to remain on the ship, but downtime is yours, Captain out =/\=

After the link was closed she could well imagine how upset Samuel Jones would be and that made her smile, then pressing a button on her chair arm.

=/\= Somers to Markov =/\=

=/\= Go ahead Major =/\=

=/\= When the fighters and runabouts are safely locked down, meet me in my ready room =/\=

=/\=They have a flight crew for that. I'll be up in 5 minutes. =/\=

The Major Looked around. "Ok guys good job. I'll take a look at the cam footage later on but I think its apparent there are a few areas for your fighter jocks to improve on. Now get to work." The major lifted a Padd with the logs on it. No doubt that Somers had one of her own but he wanted one for himself anyway. Walking out of the CIC through the hanger where the 'dead' pilots had already docked he caught quick and slightly panicked salutes from a couple of the younger ones, which he ignored, and headed to the bridge.

=/\= Understood Major, Somers out =/\= She said and closed the link.

- Captains Ready Room -

Arriving Markov hit the door button and entered. No need to wait he thought as he had been asked up. "Major what seems to be the hooha? That exercise was just getting interesting."

Markov entered without preamble

"Major what seems to be the hooha? That exercise was just getting interesting."

"Ah Anton do take a seat" She waited till he was sitting. "I will need you to debrief the Pilots, make sure all Departments check in with you and readiness, as we will soon have to dock with DS10, something is in the works. I do not know if you noticed but the amount of ships at DS10 has increased in number since we started our exercise" She said.

"Sure did Major. Word has it from the Marine guys that the Starfighter squadron there as well as the Marine Battalion are getting ready to ship out as well." Anton walked to the room and looked out at the station with the assembled fleet. "Including us I see 8 ships. Hell apart from the Ajax and Goddard that's the entire Task force. Have you any idea yet?"

"I do not exactly know, but I want all the crew rested and ready to go" she added.

"Yes Ma'am. I'd also recommend docking with DS10 to bring on extra supplies and let her power us to make sure everything is ready." He thought for a moment. "That and I'm going to visit the 2XO and the two Marine CO's. Let them know whats happening and get an inventory request."

"Understood Anton, we will shortly be docking with DS10 shortly and from there we will see what happens" She said.

"Good. I rather suspect we will get a proper trail by fire. There is no other reason for having us all here."

"Well I do not know what is exactly up, but to have this many ships in one place and at anyone time means something big is in the works."

"Indeed. If that is all I will head on and get the ship ready while you dock us with DS10." Markov stood ready to leave.

As the XO stood up to leave "So Anton what do you make of Samuel?" She asked.

Anton took a moment to think about his response. "Lets just say Major. That I know stuff about him that hasn't gone into his record. What's your impressions?"

"Hmm.. Interesting, at first glance he strikes me as over confident and a bit upperclass-ish, but I cannot deny his skill. I mean how quickly he recovered from that graze from the ship, the beam must have knocked out all his systems, his rapid recovery says a lot about a person" She said.

Markov laughed. "Well Jasmine last time I saw him his fighter was ablaze after strafing an enemy position in a black ops mission and taking heavy fire back. That and several other things would leave me to believe he is indestructible. A ships phaser fire is nothing to him." Anton put his hands on the back of the chair and leaned forward. "If that man gets his way, which he probably will, he will have those fighters so tight not even a changeling could get past the CAP." Anton stood up again and saluted. "I believe you have a briefing to go to, and I have a crew to whip. Good day Major."

"Good day to you too and I hope he does Anton" She responded returning the Salute as the Major left the room.

Activating the Comms. =/\= Helm take us back to DS10 and dock, then recharge everything and restock, Somers out =/\= She said and closed the link before the Helm Officer had a chance to respond.

oO Untested crew as regards to Team work, will have to sort that one out Oo She thought, then thought of something, she pulled up her CAGs file, then activated the Comms.

=/\= Major Somers to Marine Captain Jones, report to my Ready Room, Somers out =/\= She said and closed the link.

Jones was already on the bridge. He had followed the XO up once he had landed so he could get a few words with him. Unfortunately that got cut short. None the less the two has a chance to exchange a brief conversation. As the Major exited Jones stood up and walked over to him.

"Anton, Anton, Anton. Good to see you old mate."

"Old?" Anton joked. "We are both the same age. But yea. Still a Captain I see. You'd be a Colonel by now if you'd kept your nose clean."

Jones raised an eyebrow. "And you'd be higher still if you bothered to take full command. But I guess you prefer showing the rookies how it's done. I'll head on. Somers is calling."

Walking through the ready room doors just aftrer the Major had walked out Jones caught the Major reading his file. Or at least he assumed it would be. "Major, Captain Jones reporting."

Returning the salute, "please be seated Marine Captain" After Jones was sitting, she looked at him and studied him "Can I offer you a drink?"

Jones sat down. "Yes please Major. Just as long as it's none of the Majors Vodka. That stuff would knock a Klingon out." Probably has done he mused to himself. "A coffee will be fine."

After replicating his drink and getting a mug of tea for herself, she sat back down and studied him a little further. "I like your tactics out the Captain, you were grazed by a beam from my Tactical Officer and you recovered quite quickly, I am impressed. I have been looking at your file and it is quite impressive, now what it does not tell me is what we will find out over time" She paused as she took a sip of her tea. "Any questions you might have?" She asked.

"Ma'am if I may be so bold. You tactical officer was lucky. I was under the impression the array wasn't working and planned like that. As for the recovery, you pick that up fast when the Dominion are bearing down on you." He took a large swig of his coffee. "What do you think of Anton?"

As she was about to respond the Comms came alive.

=/\= Captain we have now docked at Docking Port Beta-1, Lower Promenade=/\= The Comms Officer announced.

=/\= Thank you Lieutenant, please let me know when I am required to attend the meeting that is due =/\=

=/\= Affirmative, Comms out =/\=

With that she turned to Jones, "sorry about that Captain, now where were we? Ah yes you were asking things"

"Just asked what you think of Anton Ma'am. Curiosity. I've known him a while and it's always interesting to see what impression he gives." Jones wondered how awkward this would be for her to answer.

Looking at the Marine Captain and studying him "I will reserve my judgement of Major Markov until I know more, I do not judge until I have seen someone in action" She said with a small smile.

"Excellent" Somers said "dismissed" She added with a smile and watched Jones leave.

- Bridge -

The major had just came on the bridge when he observed the captain motioning the new Air group commander to come in to her ready room. Marctroy then took the liberty of checking in on the status of his team whom he has dubbed the "Fallujian Hounds" which was a nod to a historic unit of the 21st century Marine Corps of Earth.

"Gunny...are we ready to go when we arrive?" Marctroy asked. The gruff non-com replied. "Yes sir, Major. The hounds are set to go when you say the word...by the way sir....Lt. Johanson left you a message. You are to meet with Lt. Colonel Bran as soon as we dock at DS10. I suppose its to get a feel of combat strength." Marctroy thought of it a bit and nodded "I dont see a problem with that gunnery sergeant. Have the First Shirt meet me over there." Marctroy responded.

"Aye Sir...will do." and the screen went blank. Then he turned to see the station getting closer in the viewscreen. oOWell now comes the moment of truth. No more fudlling with Federation rules when lives are on the line. Politicians dont do combat very well nor do they have to write condolence letters when men fall under their command. Seeing the XO to his left of his station on the bridge. "Sir, all marine units are at alert 5 till further notice."

"Excellent Major. How are you feeling about this mission?"

"I would think that we all are holding our collective breath Major. This is the first time this vessel has been asked to partake in such a monumental event and it would seem that every hand will be called upon to do their part. Being "concerned" Major Markov would be...an understatement." The stalwart hard charger replied and then slowly smiled at the thought of task ahead.

Anton laughed. "Nothing to be concerned about at all. I doubt anything we come into contact with during this one will be half as bad as some of the stuff in the Dominion war. Just follow orders and you'll make it through."



Major Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer

Major Anton Markov
Executive Officer

Major Jonathan Frost
First Officer

Major Tommohawk

Lieutenant Sofee Tsmel
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Gabriel McCallister
Chief Medical Officer

2nd Lieutenant Akachi Adanna Ngozi
2nd Officer/Chief Tactical Officer



"Today is a Good Day to die" Klingon saying