Today something happened that reduced me to tears.

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Tonight, I was a naughty girl and ordered a delivery for dinner for my brother and I. It was a long day of cleaning before winter comes. When I opened the door, the delivery person simply said “It’s nice to come into a neighborhood where flags are flying. Thank you for your patriotism.” I stood there dumbfounded. Here was a young man, late 20's, remarking on something so precious to me and appreciating it. No one else that I remember has ever commented. I finally said “No, thank you for noticing and respecting the flag.” Tears sparkled at the corners of my eyes as the flag waved from the edge of the porch. I asked him if he had served and he said he was a Navy Veteran. I told him Dad was and that Uncle Edgar was and he had made the ultimate sacrifice during WWII. We spoke for a few more moments. I paid him after I had thanked him again for his comments.

When giving my brother his dinner, I told him about the exchange with the delivery person. Jeff said “Do you remember we hung our flag from the new securements on September 11th, 2001?” Prior to September 11th, we had a flag holder mounted at the side of the porch. I had not remembered the date due to the horrors of that day, but Jeff keeps the flag hanging there crisp and new.

Jeff continued by recalling Julie from Australia that we met on the trip to Denali. While stopped at Eielson Visitor Center at Denali, we all piled out of the bus. Jeff was standing, looking off into the distance at the mountains, or so I thought. Tonight, he told me that Julie remarked that everywhere we went in Alaska there was a flag flying highlighted by the bright blue sky. She thought it was beautiful and wished that everyone in her Country would do the same. Jeff told her most areas of the United States did so and that we were proud of our flag and all it represents. He suggested that she could start a trend in her own Country by flying Australia' flag.

I’m left speechless… and humbled.

In these times where everyone seems pitted against everyone else that doesn’t share the exact same viewpoint on something, stop. Think. Pause to reflect. We all love our Country. We may differ on how to preserve the Union or on some policy or another, but we ARE one. Citizens of one of the greatest lands laden with opportunity.

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