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July 9th, 2018, 2:55 pm #1

Yesterday I heard the news that Gold Crew Member John Calvin had passed away.  He was a fine man and a dedicated Crew Member of the Ship Memorial.

This news followed that of the passing of Bill Arras, one of the first Blue Crew Members of the ship who passed away just weeks ago.  Bill was an Engineering marvel and shared his knowledge and talents with the Ship and Crew. 

Ed Strobel passed just weeks before that - Ed was a Gold Crew Member and gave much of his time and talent.

All three gave donations whenever possible.

These three men helped put the LST 325 in the wonderful shape she is in today.  They helped bring her back from Greece and then keep her afloat while they underwent critical repairs and tests in the early days.  Many of them bought tools or supplies out of their personal funds.  They often paid for the privilege of working on the ship to preserve her as a living museum. 

In homage to these men, it is our responsibility to keep the ship alive and vibrant, sharing history, the LST experience and teaching those now and in the future who have a desire to learn.

Fair winds and following seas, shipmates!  We have the watch!