Reply to Letter of thanks from Sandy

Reply to Letter of thanks from Sandy

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September 10, 2006

Sandy Whicker
USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc.
840 LST Drive
Evansville, IN 47713

Dear Sandy,

I have read your letter dated 9/6/06 thanking me for the donation of painting supplies and a storage box.

I would think Sherry would deserve most of the thanks. She’s the inspiration and I’m sure she would agree we come as a “package” deal.

The expressions of gratitude have been overwhelming. For what started as a way of confirming to Sherry that returning to the ship to volunteer our time is what I wanted to do. After volunteering in June, Sherry had been pestering me as to where I wanted to go on our next vacation. In view of the fact that we would be returning to the ship for LST week in September, it was her consideration that a choice for the time we had scheduled in August should be my choice. I’m sure I had suggested Evansville, but until the box and supplies appeared, Sherry continued to ask, “Where do you want to go for vacation in August?”

I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm and interest that Sherry has for the ship. While volunteering for the first time in June we had been tasked with painting the pad eyes and crane on the main deck. On our way home we had discussed if we were to return and be painting again the collection of coffee cans that I had accumulated would come in handy to divide up the paint from the large five gallon cans. I knew I had saved those cans for a reason! Empty coffee cans sitting out just didn’t seem like it would have the effect that a box full of supplies for painting would have, and so the idea of the storage box came to me.

Both Sherry and myself extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone. We well up with emotion, feel a sense of pride, smile at the friendships, are indebted to the veterans, their memories rekindled - good and bad. To the ship we salute her. For her purpose we will strive to be her cause.

With warm regards,
Fred Johnson