Message from Glen Mumford and Family

Message from Glen Mumford and Family

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August 10th, 2016, 3:55 pm #1

To LST 325 Family,

The Mumford Family wishes to thank all the members of LST 325, past and present for welcoming us on-board, the heartwarming service July 12, 2016, and all the years of friendship you gave our father Ad Mumford. As many of you know we headed for the east coast the next day to prepare for his burial at sea once all the children could return to their hometown of Ocean City, Maryland in early August.

The family all gathered again with a few close friends on August 2 for the trip offshore but we were delayed by boat issues. Everything was then scheduled amazingly enough for August 4th the 226th anniversary of the creation of the US Coast Guard. A front had passed the night before and we had a light breeze and small swell from the northeast. There was an incoming tide as we sat on Little Gull Shoal at 38° 17’ 441 / 75° 03’ 685 just south of the Ocean City inlet. Dad had many days there fishing with us and he now rest with his brother and sister-in-law. Close by to the north on the other side of the inlet in the ocean as well is his mother and to the east of Little Gull Shoal and on the other side of Assateague Island in Sinepuxent Bay at Buoy 13 lies his father.

Since July 12th we have visited with many other members of the family and Dad’s friends in the mid-Atlantic states. They all had memories of his past but all would mention how excited he got when he spoke of his extended family on the LST 325. Dad mentioned time and again if he sat around after retirement he would have passed on earlier. The LST 325 in our opinions gave him many extra years with us all and for that we dearly thank you ALL for helping make that possible.

Glen, Cindy, John, Kelly and family