Interview #28

Interview #28

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Linda and her father, Henry Alvers, Coxswain LST 534

Name: Linda Alvers
City/State: New York, NY
Hometown: New York

1. How did you become involved with LST 325? (When, where, how did you first hear about the ship that might become/was the LST Ship Memorial) I was the producer of LST 534 and then was able to document the journey across the Atlantic.

2. What is your background - do you have a connection to LSTs or the Navy? Are you a veteran or the relative of a veteran who served aboard or was transported by these ships? (If you are a veteran, please also give information as to when and where you served, the duty you had.)

My father was a coxswain on board LST 534.

3. Have you served as a maintenance worker? What duties have you participated in along this area?

Documenting and spreading the word

4. Have you served as a crew member? If so, what have been your duty stations?

5. Have you spoken to others about the Ship Memorial? (One on one or to groups. What types of events?)
I speak to everyone about the ship.

6. If you could make a specific point about LST 325 (the ship or the people), what would it be?
That it is a means of living history. That all children should learn about the ship, its mission and the mission of the people who served on her.

7. What is your favorite memory/recollection of regarding LST 325?
Watching her sail in to the port of Mobile, Alabama.

8. Do you have a personal goal regarding your involvement with the ship? (A specific project, a personal achievement, an overall goal you want to see attained)

That all veterans be allowed to spend time on the ship. And that I can help in anyway I can. From a distance.

9. What is the favorite 'sea story' you have told regarding the LST 325? I have not told any sea stories.

10. What has been your favorite project regarding LST 325? The Return of LST 325 on The History Channel.

11. What does the ship mean to you personally? What does it represent? A connection to my Dad.

Any additional comments you'd like to make: I would like to acknowledge and thank the citizens and mayor of Evansville for being such a great host for the ship.