Fore and Aft... Port to Starboard

Fore and Aft... Port to Starboard

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My last Fore & Aft was on August 14th and here it is the 9th of September!!!

The ship made a trip to Jeffersonville; a full crew sailed her there, more crew came by land. I was told we had something close to 10,000 visitors, sold $33,000.00 in "T" shirts, several hundred new memorial members were signed up and the ship now has 20 new Volunteers! There was some rain, hot weather and some very nice weather with lots of appreciative Jeffersonville folks.

Perry's NAVY Jeep sat on the deck and made for photo ops - over & over! Most of you know how it all went because most of you that get this were there.

The Board had a Board Meeting on the 2nd at the Executive Inn:

The M.A.S.H. Jeep at Tito's has been moved to a storage location in California by Jerry Howe's brother, plans are now for Terry to move it on east.

There is a Committee to proceed with the LST Office Building relocation - Ron Riecken and Wally Larsen are heading it up.

There is a Work Week planned for the first week of November - Plans are to winterize the ship, rebuild the pods over the 40 MM, and do some very heavy electrical work per Harry and Dave, so contact the ship if you plan to help! A Volunteer Newsletter will be sent out regarding this in 2 weeks or so.

A Spring Work Week is planed for the 2nd week in April, 2010.

A Committee was appointed to look into a short trip to Owensboro after spring Work Week, Wally Larsen and Captain Jornlin are heading this committee.

There are plans of an August/September Cruise to Pittsburgh - mile marker 0 - Ohio River - Captain, Lois, Kenny & Anna are part of this committee; an Amphibian Reunion (formerly LST Week) was also discussed for the trip to Pittsburgh - Susie Bloom, Jo & Steve Watt will be the contact for follow up on this.

The Annual meeting will be on November 13th since the 14th falls on a Saturday - look at your upcoming Newsletter for this information!

We now have an Air Conditioner for the Galley, to be installed.

The National U.S. LST Group (approximately 100 members) visited the ship last week and now hope to come to Pittsburgh next year.

Remember that Ad Mumford, our Chief Engineer has a Birthday on Veterans Day just like the last 87 Veterans Days. Let's make it a special one and send a BUNCH of cards! (Angie will mail them in a big batch if you send them to the Ship's Office, ATTN: Ad Mumford.)

Almost every one met Isaac over the past last month, he is a Merchant Marine in training. After his extended assignment on the "T" he said the rest of his life will be filled with boredom?!?!?

There is a group coming to the ship tomorrow evening (the 10th) after 5 pm for tours- I'm sure Garry, Ray, or Angie has contacted most of you on this?

So for now - That is all!


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Thanks for these updates.
They are greatly appreciated.