Did you all forget?

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January 11th, 2018, 12:54 am #1

(This is Susie posting for Dominic)

17 years ago today? Dominic was doing some reminiscing today about all of the good times they had preparing for and sailing LST 325 back from Greece. He went to this page and there were no posts about the Anniversary. If it weren't for the Gold Crew and the Support Crew, we would not have LST 325. If it weren't for great donors, we wouldn't have fuel, food and parts for repairs (and there were few enough at that!). If it weren't for Hal Pierce and so many hardworkers in Mobile there would have been no where to moor. If it weren't for all of the hard work of so many volunteers and the Blue Crew, she would not be in the great shape she is in. Dom is thinking of all of his Gold Crew Shipmates and the many people he has met through the years. I know that he feels great pride in bringing the Grey Lady back and all of the work that has been done since.

Dom says he's doing great for 91 years old. "I don't have any aches or pains or anything and only use a cane to steady myself when walking." I'd say that's doing pretty great, Dominic!

Dom says hello to all of you.