Unreal World V3.30 Absolute Beginners Guide{video}

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Unreal World V3.30 Absolute Beginners Guide{video}

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This is intended to help new players or anyone who might want to remember the basics of how to play UnReal World. I am using the first game course tutorial(s) to give me some structure

I tried to keep an easy pace while trying to cover "How to play", New features, and game play tips in a manner that was not overwhelming.

If you like the game, take the time to sign up on this forum. It is the definitive place to find out everything about this great game!
Forgive me.. This is the first time I've ever made something like this.

[Revised] UnReal World v3.30 Beginners / New players Part I

I only made it as far as setting traps and the video runs about 2 hrs.
*EDIT* I've removed the ads placed by the recorder and snipped some dead time.

This is the second part which covers the remaining topics from setting traps to hiring companions.
UnReal World v3.30 Beginners / New players Part II

The runtime for the second session is about 2 hrs
Used OBS for the second video and it seems I need to adjust something, at times it fails to keep up with screen refresh during long tasks, So sorry for that.

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I tried to keep track of the timeline with hours:minutes:seconds, topics (and mention of game events).
Valuable videos for beginners!

Part 1
- 00:00:00 character creation with the Not all who wander are lost start-up scenario
- 00:07:28 start of the course, inventory access, animal leash
- 00:10:06 map of known areas and custom markers, travel map
- 00:12:52 water, hole in the ice, a closer look, picking up
- 00:16:28 making a fire
- 00:19:07 cookery (adds a fish)
- 00:21:27 timberwork, pushing items
- 00:23:20 do it yourself
- 00:25:55 fishing (adds a fishing rod)
- 00:32:02 shelter in the woods
- 00:36:25 incantation, loop snare
- 00:36:58 tracking (adds a tracking skill boost)
- 00:40:35 the search for the wildlife, inventory use, packing items on an animal, coverage, fur clothes handcrafting
- 01:32:00 kill an animal
- 01:44:36 hideworking, drying food, cord crafting
- 02:28:12 setting a trap (go to 00:36:58 incantation for setting up a loop snare or look at the second video)

Part 2
- 00:00:00 setting a trap, with another character whose scenario is Traps and trapping
- 00:03:40 checking the trap
- 00:05:40 the settlement
- 00:09:25 trading
- 00:15:14 watercourse (adds an axe)
- 00:34:54 a catch
- 00:47:01 building
- 00:53:02 agriculture (adds some items), cave layout
- 01:14:36 a domestic animal, dogs, leash use
- 01:25:24 a companion, dialog options
- 01:35:05 map of known areas and custom markers, travel map
- 01:50:38 agriculture

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looks like you still have the old version on your channel. is possible to remove it so dont keep loading the wrong video?

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Moved it to the bottom of the play list. Not removing as some still link to that version.