by rumpel
20 May 2016, 21:15
Topic: Version 3.32 Released
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Nice! Love the net fishing changes.:)
by rumpel
24 Feb 2016, 02:21
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Topic: Urw At Kotaku
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Those comments, man. I begin to understand why a lot of people don't like that site.
by rumpel
17 Feb 2016, 14:51
Forum: Development News / Author's diary
Topic: Steam Key Delivery And Preliminary Release Dates
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By "release Steam version" do you mean it'll be buyable on Steam or the same version as people are able to play right now with lifetime?

However, I'll get the lifetime membership in a few days anyway. Love the game ever since I discovered it. <3
by rumpel
23 Jul 2015, 16:12
Forum: Development News / Author's diary
Topic: Let There Be Light, And The Light Was Coded...
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by rumpel
14 Jan 2015, 13:10
Topic: 3.20-patch 1 Released
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Great! Nice work :)
by rumpel
23 Oct 2014, 16:39
Forum: Development News / Author's diary
Topic: Sdl Migration. Day 7. Done. Migrated. Finished.
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Sounds good! Thanks for the reply. :)
by rumpel
21 Feb 2013, 19:38
Topic: 3.16 (beta) Released
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Alright, thanks for the info! :)