Pull Command And Hourly Net Catch Checks

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Pull Command And Hourly Net Catch Checks

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13 Apr 2016, 19:02 #1

Yeah, about the time to drop a few recent additions public. Gotten a grip of quite a few lesser adjustments too, but these two upcomings are somewhat important for you all to be aware of.

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 - added: pull heavy items to your location with [;] pick up from adjacent tile command 

        If the items you tried pick up from adjacent tile were too heavy to lift you'll be asked
        if you want to pull them to your location. 

 - tweaked: net fishing catch checks time window

        Net fishing catch checks are now hourly based instead of previously used morning based checks.
        This means you can catch fish with nets within a shorter time window. Even within an hour from
        setting the net - if you're lucky and the conditions are right. 
        Despite of the shorter time window it should be still remembered that in addition to your fishing 
        skill level the factors such as terrain, water depth and time of the day also contribute
        to what kind fish and how much of it your net is likely to catch - if at all.
These are future improvements, not in effect in the current version 3.30p1.
- Sami, UnReal World creator, sami@unrealworld.fi

This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.