My New Challenge

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5:44 AM - Oct 18, 2017 #1

So to combat boredom i started a char a while back who was a "neanderthal."

Basically you pick any northern tribe on custom only, can pick any season and pick hurt helpless and afraid. For extra masochism i always pick winter. Can be any sex or tribe but i think seal is probably the easiest simply because they have sorta silly spear skills. You must immediately sell your knife and clothing to buy a fur of your choice.

You must make and use only stone tools (ie stone knife and axe) or things you can make yourself out of those (ie javelins or clubs). You cannot even take tools from people you kill.

No trade. All these new world advancements confuse you and you secretly believe these items to be evil.

No agriculture or animals. You do not yet know what that is and all crops are utterly alien to you. You must forage or hunt or fish (spear fishing only) everything with your own hands. You can however dry or preserve it how you like (no cellar though). You can use any trap you can gather the mats for and make yourself.

All clothing must be fur or leather and hand made.

You can never build a cabin, only a shelter or a kota. And you can never use structures in town for sleeping or crafting.

You must live alone and never hire an NPC to help you. The culture shock is just too much for you.

You may accept any rewards from a quest, but if it is a village credit you must use it only for things you would be familiar (ie furs, food, raw materials, arrows etc)

I will make one exception to the modern tools/clothing thing and that is if you complete the plz escort me to your homeland quest. Simply because it is the most high risk high reward quest in the game, let alone for a character running this challenge. If you can stay alive and retrieve your reward then i think you deserve it.

All mods welcome, i think the rules are restrictive enough, just no metalwork.