Guinness World Record For “longest Update Support

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Guinness World Record For “longest Update Support

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08 Sep 2016, 15:45 #1

GWR Gamer’s Edition 2017 was published today and what do we find there?
UnReal World gets a world record with “Longest update support for a game” title. Basically, that means that since the first version release there has been a constant stream of updates, for a record-setting 24 years in a row.

It’s some record for us and the game, but it’s also a record for you dear players, fans and followers. It is your support and feedback which has made it possible to keep up the journey this long.

I take this as a great acknowledgement both for UrW and for the whole roguelike genre in general. The genre is famous of long running labour of love projects. There are also other games started back in 90’s with a long development history. What did put us in the book is probably the extra-ordinary continuity till this day, the work being carried on by the very same original developer(s), with no hiatus or pauses during this nearly quarter of a century.

Special greetings to the players who have been playing the game for all these 24 years.
Very special greetings to the players who asked back in 1992 if there are going to be any future updates. :)

Cheers and thanks to all of you for making history with us.

- Sami, UnReal World creator,

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08 Sep 2016, 16:48 #2

Congrats! It's nice to see some justice regarding this largely underrated game. (:
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08 Sep 2016, 17:04 #3

That is so cool!
I tried to set a GWR once, but my sister quit playing ping pong after 20 min <_<

Congratulations you Two.. way more committed than my sister!

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Congratulations! UnReal World is an amazing game and you two deserve this and a lot more ^^
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20 Sep 2016, 20:23 #5

Congratulations and I'm sure you 'll win the 2026 record as well :D

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21 Sep 2016, 08:41 #6

Woah congratulations guys! I'm happy for you. :D

Many years of work and sacrifice, I can imagine it was not a easy journey.

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Here is the link to Google books (with a page for Guinness World Records 2017 of URW record (in English)): ... ld&f=false
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I know i'm new to this forum...Wish i've known about this game sooner.
Saw it running through "Suggested games" on Steam...Saw they charged 10 euro for it.
Went to Youtube to see 5 hours of walkthroughs and fell in love. Best survivor game ever made.
And the dedication are amazing. True Nature people and modern technology merged in one.
A very rare combination. I Just Love It!!! Just what I was Looking For. :D
Prefered to download it from your homepage, and donate, rather than Steam.
But I will buy it on Steam too..:) Thanks for the beautiful downloadable video after donating.
Congratulation for the award, it's definitely well earned.. :)