3.40 Stable Released On Steam And For Lifetimers

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3.40 Stable Released On Steam And For Lifetimers

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Version 3.40 stable has been just released on Steam, and is also available for those who've got lifetime membership at forums membership section. Standalone installer releases at the homepage are to be expected early next week.

Here's the changelog:

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Version: 3.40 (stable)

** Saved characters from version 3.30-> are compatible with this version. **

 - added: trapped animals will eventually die 

        Depending on their nutrition and overall physical condition it usually takes from few days to a week 
        for a trapped animal to perish.

 - added: when examining a single piece of clothing/armour the item name is shown in the armour coverage screen

 - added [info]: character creation screen now notifies about wrong character names

        Eg. if there's already a character folder with the same name you'll be informed about it and asked
        to enter a different name. This clears occasional newcomer failures to proceed with character creation.

 - adjusted: craft and task times calculated more independently to overcome time-related abuses

        Previously you could predict quality of crafts and success of tasks from the time required to
        complete them. A shorter time meant greater success for example in case of crafting, hideworking
        or rod fishing. 
           Now the time taken is calculated independently although still naturally based on the applicable 
        skill. In general higher skill mastery level is still prone to get things done faster, but it's not 
        possible to predict the outcome from the required time anymore. 

 - adjusted: trident breakage values

        Tridents were too fragile and breaking too easily. With their wear/break/fracture levels corrected
        all three tridents are significantly more durable now.

 - adjusted: attack and defense classes of some weapons

	Weapons have been checked for their attack and defense class values. Some corrections and rethinking has been proceeded
        as follows, with one item weight adjustment in there as well. Changes are represented in [old values] -> [new values] format.
        The higher the number the better the attack/defense class. 

        * Broad axe

          attack/defense: 3/1 -> 1/1
          weight: 8.5 lbs -> 5.5 lbs

        * Carving axe

          attack/defense: 2/2 -> 2/1

        * Woodsman's axe

          attack/defense: 3/1 -> 2/1

        * Stone axe

          attack/defense: 2/1 -> 1/1

        * Spear

          attack/defense: 3/2 -> 4/2

        * Kaumolais spear

          attack/defense: 4/2 -> 5/2

        * Small trident

          attack/defense: 3/2 -> 3/1

        * Wide trident

          attack/defense: 4/4 -> 4/2

        * Club

          attack/defense: 3/1 -> 2/1

        * Kaumolais knife & Northern knife

          attack/defense: 2/1 -> 1/1
        * Broad knife & Hunting knige

          attack/defense: 1/1 -> 1/0
        * Knife

          attack/defense: 1/0 -> 0/0

        * Grainflail

          attack/defense: 4/1 -> 3/2

        Weapons created or obtained in the previous version still carry their previous version values. 

 - added: default setup options file (defaults/urw_ini.def) to be copied in place if needed

        There is a new defaults/ folder containing urw_ini.def file which is the original setup file.
        Upon first starting the game this file is copied into game's installation folder as urw_ini.txt which 
        is then our editable setup file. (If urw_ini.txt already exists no copying occurs.)

 - fixed [quest]: wounded adventurer occasionally generated out of village boundaries

        The bug usually manifested with a false adventurer figure appearing on the overworld map far away from
        the village.

 - fixed: armour coverage screen showed bodyparts with zero protection value with the last displayed color

        This was the case for example when checking out blunt or squeeze protection values for nettle and linen clothes. 
        Now zero protection value is shown with very dark (almost black) red color.

 - fixed: dead NPC with seemingly zero weight in "Not all who wander are lost" start-up scenario

 - fixed [modding]: {[TERRAIN:]} crafting requirement tag not properly recognizing "sea" terrain type

 - fixed [quest]: escorting NPC to a village mistakenly accepted arriving at Njerpez villages

 - fixed: "How is it going?" chat option occasionally missing from certain NPCs

 - fixed: troubles of shooting arrows from frozen water puddles at mires

        The arrows did prematurely hit the ground due to faulty terrain elevation calculations.

 - fixed: withered mushrooms had no visible tile graphics

 - fixed [rare condition]: buried treasures being generated on mire islands where it's impossible to dig them up

 - fixed [rare condition]: all the start menu entries bringing up "About" screen
- Sami, UnReal World creator, sami@unrealworld.fi

This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.

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Nice! Thanks Sami :)
Now add multiplayer... just joking xd
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EDIT: Nevermind. I just had to create a new character for CONSTANT.OBJ to update.