3.40 Beta 3 Released At The Homepage

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3.40 beta 3 is now released and available for everyone. You can grab it from the downloads page, and find the changelog below. Cheers and thanks for 2016 and see you all next year.

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Version: 3.40 beta 3

This is the third beta of version 3.40. Scroll down for complete newslist for version 3.40 (beta 1).

** Saved characters from version 3.30-> are compatible with this version. **

  - added: zoom option for map of known areas [F6]

          You can adjust zoom level by mouse wheel, or with the following keys:
          CTRL and +   to zoom in
          CTRL and -   to zoom out
          CTRL and 0   to toggle between normal and maxed out map view

 - added: game encyclopedia [F1] entries of the new valuable items

          Information about all the newly added valuables is now available in the game encyclopedia [F1]. 
          Time to get to know those brooches, combs, bracelets, rings and pendants you may find.

 - fixed: NPCs mistakenly speaking of a reward covering some of your trades in villages where no reward was given

 - fixed: quest journal [F2] showing wrong details when selecting a quest on other than the first journal page

 - fixed: map of known areas [F6] crash potential due to excess amount of custom map markers

          Trying to view marker details with more than 10 custom map markers within the cursor radius caused a crash.
          The crash potential is fixed now and in case of spammed markers the information for only the first 10 markers within the 
          cursors radius is shown. Be reasonable with your markers.

 - fixed: inventory mess up potential if torch burnt out when certain inventory related activity eg. eating was going on

 - fixed [rare condition]: false automatic player character attacks getting triggered at random targets at the area

          You might see "You attacks [creature]!" messages, or even get prompted for attack maneuvers.

 - fixed: feathers not burning in the fire

 - fixed: torches burning out while idling

 - fixed: burnt fire destroying dug holes in the ground 

 - fixed: undergarment coverage

          Women's undergarment now covers also elbows, forearms, knees and calves. Coverage of these bodyparts was mistakenly
          absent before.

 - fixed: woollen leggings coverage 

          They now cover also the hips.

 - corrected: bunch of linen, nettle adn woollen cloth weights and prices

          There was some inconsistency and clear faults with weights and prices of clothes such as shirts, undershirts, 
          tunics and undergarments. There are no radical changes, but the weights and prices have been checked and adjusted 
          where applicable. 

          MIGRATION NOTICE: clothes obtained or generated in the previous version still carry the old values.

 - fixed: some typos here and there

- Sami, UnReal World creator, sami@unrealworld.fi

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Was this ever taken to full release? I'm seeing Beta 3.40 in Steam but I don't know if that is because of the developers branch or what... :huh:

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Beta 3 is the full release, it's just a matter of text.