World Series: Phillies at Rays

World Series: Phillies at Rays

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20 Oct 2008, 09:41 #1

I unpinned the ALCS discussion, but it's right on top.

And now, the World Series.

I'm gonna wqtch this thing, and I think that a Tampa win really unseats the Skanks as "our rivals".

Fuck it, I say let's get behind Tampa, a young team of upstarts (us this year, actually, in a way) and make them our "rivals".

Fuck the Skanks, Go Tampa.


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As I said last night, GO PHILLIES!!! Save us from cow bells!!!

I'm serious. If the Rays win the WS those wretched things will be here forever; if they lose, there's a chance their fans will consider them bad mojo. No guarantee of course, but it's enough to make me root against the cute no longer cinderella story Rays.
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Yup. Go Phillies indeed. Death to cowbells! :VBG:
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Ahhh, who cares?

I have a mild dislike for the Rays overall, mostly Crawford and Bartlett at this point. I have a mild like for what the Rays represent, low payroll team playing smart and scouting really good talent with all those first picks they had. I find the cowbells mostly annoying, but even more annoying are the fans who have signs rooting for their cowbells. Hello? There's a baseball game going on too you know! While I really disliked this team in June, I've come to respect them, but I'm still light years from pulling for them.

I have a mild dislike for Phillie fans who seem to always hate their teams. I have a vague like for Ryan Howard and Chase Utley and mild dislike for Jimmy Rollins. My son being a Mets fan, I've kind of adopted the home town team as my NL B team, meaning I don't really like the Phils now.

I can't find a reason to get behind either team really. This could be one of the least watched World Series in TV history.
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I always root for the AL team in the World Series, unless it's the Yankees. Go Rays!!

Red Sox - Dodgers would have been good for ratings, but Phillies - Rays is good for baseball.
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1. We're unanimous here at work that this will be the "2008 Who Gives A Shit Series".

2. Tampa Bay fans have a LONG way to go before they can be considered real fans. Any crowd that needs a sign telling them to make noise is a clueless crowd indeed, and probably has no idea what the hell is going on down on the field.

3. Cowbells SUCK. As do most fan props (And I'm not talking about signs...signs are acceptable). Add Thunder sticks, towels, and rally monkeys to that Suck List as well.

4. Frankly, I'm tired of the Rays, and I'm tired of their fans. OK, great...they won. They were the better team. Good for them. Tip of the hat and all that. Now GO AWAY.

5. I'm just glad it's not the Dodgers in the World Series. We'd NEVER hear the end of it because of the Manny angle.

6. In fact, let's thank Heaven above that we were spared THIS festering turd of an idea: Dodgers-Yankees World Series. :weg:
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20 Oct 2008, 14:03 #7

I'll be cheering on our league and rooting for the Rays.
They're here. Every April, they're here. At 1:05 or at 7:05, there is a game. And if it gets rained out, guess what? They make it up to you.

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Rooting for the Phillies, 'cause I live here and like the team.

BUT -- The Phillies are going to be steamrolled. The Phillies' pitching is not even of the same league. Hamels is the only guy equipped to win a game. The rest of the Phillies Rotation is going to be walloped.

I feel bad for Phillies fans.

Rays in 5.

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1. that is what happens when you make the basement yur home since you came into the league all those high draft picks eventually make you good

2. never have i seen so many bandwagon fans in one place, during the regular season they couldn't even sell the place out

3. i think except for the philly market this will beone of the lowest tv rating the Ws will ever get

3. I could give a shit who wins


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The silver lining :
just figured I'd get it out of the way early, because you know there's going to be all manner of bitching and moaning about how a Rays/Phillies World Series won't be sexy enough for TV types. As Evan Longoria would say: 'Whatever.' Understand that anything bad for Fox is generally good for society as a whole- um, I think I've written that before, no? - and also understand that the Subway Series between the Yankees and Mets was a ratings dud, too. Network TV is just a small portion of the baseball telecast universe. True, we'd all have preferred Dodgers-Red Sox or Cubs-Red Sox - and you probably would, too - but this is all you've got.
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