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You might need a Facebook account to see this, not sure. It's gotten 2 million views in 4 days already.

My Back Pages

Some bachground...

This was recorded at the thirty year tribute to Bob Dylan in 1992. The song, My Back Pages, was written by Dylan and recorded by The Byrds who pretty much only recorded Dylan songs. The first singer is Roger McGuinn who was the lead singer for the Byrds. For those that remember, he was the guy that always wore small dark square specks and crinkled his nose. He also played a 12- string as in this concert. LOL, there's also no question when Clapton takes the lead.

Also appearing Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton and somebody I'm not sure who it is. Maybe someone here knows (The blonde with the 90's haircut). Interesting footnote is that the entire Traveling Wilbury's are here except Orbison who had already died.