2009 In Season Mega Thread

2009 In Season Mega Thread

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It's that time of year, the time to start one of these. :thumbup: :thumbup:

Feel free to add anything here that is Under The Monster Related


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......................................................TEAM ROSTERS.................

Rosters as of April 9th, opening day. Roster names are from SoxProspects.com.

SP#xx = SoxProspects season start prospect ranking where applicable.
DM#L = Derec McKamey's ceiling/probability ranking where 7C = major league regular with a 50% chance of achieving that ceiling, where applicable.

Pawtucket (RI) Red Sox (Class AAA Full Season)
(Starting Pitchers)
Enrique Gonzalez RHP
Michael Bowden RHP SP#2 DM8B
Kris Johnson LHP SP#22 DM7C
Clay Buchholz RHP
Charlie Zink RHP
(Relief Pitchers)
Daniel Bard RHP SP#3 DM9D
Fernando Cabrera RHP
Hunter Jones LHP SP#31 DM6A
Billy Traber LHP
Marcus McBeth RHP
Devern Hansack RHP DM6B
Jose Vaquedano RHP
(Starting Position Players)
Dusty Brown C DM6B
Jeff Bailey 1B
Gil Velazquez 2B
Angel Chavez 3B
Ivan Ochoa SS
Paul McAnulty LF
Chip Ambres CF
Zach Daeges RF SP#20 DM7C
Brad Wilkerson DH
Carlos Maldonado C
Jeff Natale IF DM6B
Jeff Corsaletti OF
Note that at this level, the players are generally considered to be major league ready and are the majors taxi squad. The rosters are a mix of ML insurance players and prospects who are doing repetitions, gaining experience. It should also be noted that the majority of players are no longer qualified to be prospects.

Portland (ME) Sea Dogs (Class AA Full Season)
(Starting Pitchers)
Junichi Tazawa RHP SP#5 DM9D
Adam Mills RHP SP#37
Ryne Lawson RHP
Travis Beazley RHP
Felix Doubront LHP SP#21 DM8D
(Relief Pitchers)
Richie Lentz RHP SP#32
Dustin Richardson LHP SP#38
TJ Large RHP
Blake Maxwell RHP
Bryce Cox RHP
Chad Rhoades RHP
Chris Province RHP SP#56
(Starting Position Players)
Mark Wagner C SP#29
Lars Anderson 1B SP#1 DM9C
Ryan Khoury 2B SP#59
Jorge Jimenez 3B SP#39
Argenis Diaz SS SP#23 DM6A
Aaron Bates LF SP#58 DM7D
Bubba Bell CF DM7C
Josh Reddick RF SP#4 DM8C
Jon Still DH SP#45 DM7D
Juan Apodaca C
Iggy Suarez IF
Reid Engel OF
Zach Borowiak IF (DL)
Note that at this level, players are pretty much playing at their future positions. It's generally considered to be the biggest step in baseball with the difference between an AA and an A+ player being greater than the difference between an AA player and a major leaguer. At this level players are working on the final details against better competition. It's also the final make it or break it filter. Generally, the coaching staffs are the best in the system in terms of training.

Salem (VA) Red Sox (Class A Full Season Advanced)
(Starting Pitchers)
Kyle Weiland RHP SP#14 DM8D
Eammon Portice RHP SP#49 DM7C
Jose Capellan LHP SP#48 DM7D
Jarod Plummer RHP
Seth Garrison RHP SP#51
(Relief Pitchers)
Derrick Loop LHP
Jose Alvarez LHP
Chad Povich RHP
Kyle Fernandes LHP
Jason Blackey RHP
Jason Rice RHP
Ryne Miller RHP
Josh Papelbon (DL) RHP
(Starting Position Players)
Luis Exposito C SP#11 DM7C
Mike Jones 1B
Kris Negron 2B
Aaron Reza 3B
Yamaico Navarro SS SP#12 DM9D
Jason Place LF SP#36 DM8D
Che-Hsuan Lin CF SP#15 DM8D
Ryan Kalish RF SP#10 DM8D
Chih-Hsien Chiang DH SP#40 DM7C
Will Vazquez C
Jered Stanley 1B
Luis Segovia INF
Zak Farkes (DL) UTL
Daniel Nava (DL) OF *likely to go to Portland after DL
Matt Sheely OF
Note that at this level of A ball, the starter or reliever designation is more indicative of their future use although still not cut in stone since they are sometimes altered because of circumstance or what skill they are developing. Additionally, there is much more inter team competition as players compete with each other for playing time. Moving up or down on the various prospect lists at this level is more the result of accomplishment (or lack of) than lower levels where player tools are the primary focus.

Greenville (SC) Drive (Class A Full Season Intermediate)
(Starting Pitchers)
Stolmy Pimental RHP SP#13 DM8D
Brock Huntzinger RHP SP#26 DM7D
Bryan Price RHP SP#17 DM8D
Casey Kelly RHP SP#7 DM9E
Yeiper Castillo RHP SP#50
(Piggy-back Starting Pitchers)
Caleb Clay RHP SP#41
Hunter Strickland RHP SP#52
Fabian Williamson LHP SP#55
(Relief Pitchers)
Mitch Herold LHP
Lance McClain LHP
Felix Ventura RHP
Armando Zerpa LHP
(Starting Position Players)
Tim Federowicz C SP#33 DM7D
Anthony Rizzo 1B SP#24 DM8D
Ryan Dent 2B SP#57 DM7D
Michael Almanzar 3B SP#8 DM9E
Oscar Tejeda SS SP#16 DM8D
Mitch Dening LF SP#35
Pete Hissey CF SP#25 DM9E
David Mailman RF SP#27
David Marks DH
Ryan Lavarnway C SP#34
Zach Gentile 1B
Jon Hee 2B
Kade Keowen OF

Note that at this level of A ball, the starter or reliever designation is not cut in stone and that multiple projected starters are piggy-backed together. Additionally, the 'bench' will get significant playing time at their positions and will be rotated into the lineup. The objective of minor league teams is not to win ball games, it's to develop prospects.

Extended Spring Training (XST)
Nick Hagadone LHP SP#6 DM9E
Ryan Westmoreland CF SP#9 DM9E
Stepher Fife RHP SP#18 DM8D
Will Middlebrooks 3B SP#19 DM8D
Derrick Giibson INF SP#30 DM8E
Carson Blair C SP#42
Oscar Perez C SP#43
Bryan Peterson OF SP#44
Manny Riviera LHP SP#46
Roman Mendez RHP SP#47
Mike Lee SP#53
Ryne Lawson SP#54
Hunter Cervenka SP#60
Jonathan Van Every OF DM6B

The remaining players are either preparing for short season ball (Lowell Spinners or Rookie), recovering from injuries or working on specific parts of their game under the watchfull eye of our XST staff.


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Free Agent Blogger @ Apr 6 2009, 04:33 PM wrote: TEAM ROSTERS......... :argh: POST UNDER CONSTRUCTION :argh:

Over the next few days, the rosters of our minor leagues will be released.

Here's the roster for our full season A ball team, the Greenville Drive. As expected, it is absolutely loaded with high ceiling players that are near the begining of their careers. From a development standpoint, this is the team to watch:

Highlighted names are players I'm particularly interested in following.





The starting rotation is expected to be (alphabetic order): Clay, Huntzinger, Kelly, Pimental & Price . All high ceilings and all key players to watch.
You rock, FAB.

:thumbup: :thumbup:
Ready for a winning streak...

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Thx but plz don't quote the entire opening block since I'll be editing it a lot. I'll eventually put all the rosters and some data there and quoting it will get confusing.

I'll probably also edit out my comments and put them in add on posts. (Brain also under construction)


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Greenville notes:

In terms of ceilings or potential, last year's Drive roster was considered by many analysts to be the best in baseball. This year's team is a considerable step above that.

In addition to the five listed starters, there will also be another five or so that will be piggy-backed. It's SOP for first full season baseball teams. The starter/reliever designation isn't cut in stone. Basically, almost all pitchers are considered future starters until their best roles are defined by things like repertoire development.

Expect additional players soon from XST. Austin Bailey and Nick Hagadone immediately come to mind. Both pitchers are recovering from injuries and progressing ahead of schedule.


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For the casual fan, the two most interesting and fun players on the Drive roster are Casey Kelly and Michael Almanzar. If you are looking for a few prospects to follow through their development, these would be fun to follow the ups and downs of minor league life.

Kelly was our top pick this past season and he's a very diverse athlete. He received a $3m signing bonus and would easily have been a top ten pick if he didn't have a full boat scholarship to Tennessee as their quarterback. The interesting thing about Kelly is that he would have been a top ten pick as either a shortstop or as a pitcher. This past season, he played shortstop and showed flashes of the talents he possesses. This season, he'll begin the year as a starter and will remain there until either 100 innings or August. Baseball America rates him as having the best curveball in the system in spite of not having pitched a single inning of pro ball. If he progresses as profiled, he'll have two plus pitches, CB and FB and a ML average or better changeup. He's very advanced for his age (high school draftee). In spite of being at A ball and in spite of this being his first season pro pitching, Casey is our #7 rated prospect.

Until Tazawa's signing, Almanzar (3B) had the highest International free agent signing bonus in Sox history at $1.5m. Tazawa was 22 when they signed him, ALmanzar 16. Michael is a true five tools prospect with many pluses. He's very raw and I think of him as a wierd science project. He has the ability to play anywhere so, it remains to be seen if 3B will be his ultimate position. Simply put, he's a longshot but has superstar potential. He hasn't even begun to fill out his frame yet seems to be progressing fast. In spite of being at A ball and in spite of being just 18 (not a typo), Michael is our #8 rated prospect.

McKamey rates both prospects as 9E. That means they have an 'elite' ceiling (7 is ML average) with a 10% chance of achieving 'elite' major league status.


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..................................McKAMEY PROSPECT RATING SUMMARY.................

The following summarizes the individual rankings in Derek McKamey's 'Minor League Baseball Analyst'. If you prefer the details, it should be available at your local bookstore or online at BaseballHQ.com.

The following verbal assignments have been made to the designations:

10. Hall Of Famer
9. Elite Player
8. Solid Regular
7. Average Regular
6. Platoon Player

A: 90% probability of reaching potential
B: 70% probability of reaching potential
C: 50% probability of reaching potential
D: 30% probability of reaching potential
E: 10% probability of reaching potential

9C: Anderson
9D: Navarro, Bard, Tazawa
9E: Almanzar, Hissey, Kelly, Westmoreland, Hagadone

8B: Bowden
8C: Reddick
8D: Kalish, Lin, Middlebrooks, Place, Rizzo, Tejeda, Doubront, Fife, Pimentel, Price, Weiland
8E: Gibson

7C: Bell, Carter, Chiang, Daeges, Exposito, Johnson, Portice
7D: Bates, Dent, Federowicz, Still, Capellan, Huntzinger

6A: Bailey, Diaz, H. Jones
6B: Brown, Kottaras, Natale, Van Every, Pauley, Hansack

McKamey analyses 1012 players, 506 hitters and 506 pitchers. The average team would therefore have 33.73 players, 16.87 batters and 16.87 pitchers listed. The Red Sox have 45 players listed with 29 batters and 16 pitches. Way above average and all the excess is on the hitters side. The highest ranked player by SP that is not covered is Lentz (SP #22).

Of the 1012 players ranked, there are (2) 10's Weiters (10C) and Inoa (10E). The fact that Weiters is his #1 prospect and Inoa #28, tells you the importance of the letter C vs E. Two tens is about typical. (sorry, Bo Derreck). The Sox have no 10's.

Of the 506 batters there are (73) 9's and of the pitchers, (54) 9's. Since this year, those numbers are far more skewed towards the batters than in years past, (from memory), then I'd surmise this was the year of the batter.

Of the 45 listed Sox:
(9) 9's
(14) 8's
(13) 7's
(9) 6's

Bottom line:
The average team has 4.23 9's. We have 9.
I didn't specifically count but, we're also disproportionately high in the 8's category.We're obviously young and talented but relatively raw. It's up to the Sox coaches to get the most out of our investment.

Most of this was cut n pasted from previous posts


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The Salem rosters are in and I'll add details as time (and Sharese) permits.

A few notes:

A few weeks ago the penciled in starters looked like this was going to be the strength of the team. However, 3 of the 5 projected starters are not on their roster. Doubront will make the AA team, Price is at Greenville (probably to work on a basic such as mechanics or a secondary offering) and Fife will remain in XST to strengthen is arm. Look for this area to improve a few months down the road.

There are a handful of exciting positional players to watch. Exposito, Navarro, Place, Lin & Kalish are all potential future stars. Additionally, Rezza and Nava are two players that have significantly outplayed their tools ala Pedroia and Jones and Stanley could both blossom as power hitters.


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..................................................INJURY UPDATES.................

Here are some updates from Alex Speier of WEEI (and yes there is a sane voice from WEEI):

The Sox’ fifth-round draft picks from the past two years are both progressing well in their recoveries from injuries.

Third baseman Will Middlebrooks, selected in 2007, tore a hamstring in February, while 2008 fifth rounder Ryan Westmoreland has been sidelined while rehabbing from surgery to repair a torn shoulder labrum.

Middlebrooks played in his first game since tearing the hamstring on Monday, batted twice and played three innings. He’s going to remain in extended spring training for the next couple weeks before a likely assignment to Single-A Greenville later this month.

Westmoreland is “progressing well” in his return from surgery on a torn labrum, according to farm director Mike Hazen. The Sox’ fifth-round pick out of Rhode Island is hitting off a tee, and will start taking batting practice, perhaps as soon as today. After a week or 10 days, he will progress to live batting practice before he can start serving as a D.H. in extended spring training games, likely before the end of the month. …

Stephen Fife, the team’s third-round pick in 2008, injured his right shoulder. The pitcher was one of the more impressive performers for Single-A Lowell after getting drafted last summer, going 1-1 with a 2.33 ERA. The team does not believe that they injury is serious – “It could have been just a fatigue issue,” said Hazen – but he will remain in Florida for a couple extra weeks to strengthen the shoulder before a likely assignment to Single-A Salem. …

Nick Hagadone, the Sox’ top draft pick in 2007 and considered one of the organization’s top prospects, threw a live batting practice session over the weekend, marking the first time he had faced hitters since tearing his ulnar collateral ligament last April. He threw only fastballs and changeups, and will start using his slider in about 10 days.


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Rosters are complete (1st post), I'll try to finish up the ranking and rating data over the next few days and try to get a list of full season team players still in XST.

Re: Enrique Gonzales. When the Sox signed him as a minor league free agent this offseason, I figured he'd have to be good. High School: Onebad Adocateba (VZ).