Virus emails

Virus emails

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I have received messages from several people who believe that a virus was sent the them from

Here's how these email viri(worms) work.

Whoever has an infected computer sends them without knowing it. the worm selects random entries from the address books in the computer to send the virus to. It ALSO selects at random an address from the same address books for the 'From' field.

The result is that a virus sent to you can that appears to be from me(or anyone else) does, in fact, come from any computer that has my email addtress in an address book.

I use a router with a firewall, a firewall in both computers, 3 anti virus programs in my older pc, 5 anti virus programs in my newer pc(all anti virus programs are kept current), and I run an online virus scan immediately after firing up each pc, and just before shutting down each pc.

Because of the popularity of my various sites, my emails contain many messages with viri that get deleted, unopened, every day, usually from familiar names.

NEVER open a file you aren't expecting, even if it looks like it's from someone you know and trust.
NEVER open the attachment in a 'forwarded' email, even if it looks like it's from someone you know and trust.
NEVER open any arttachment ending in .src or .pif
When any gray box pops up, NEVER click the 'Close Box' tab, always use the X in the upper right corner of the box.

Lastly, use a good virus scan program such as: ... t_corp.asp On;ine virus scan

Sophos, Avast & Pc-Cillin are excellant programs.