Should Halton be allowed another U16 team

Should Halton be allowed another U16 team

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C'mon all you folks that were involved in the U16 season this year and know what Halton pulled during Provincials, is there any reason why this association should be allowed to participate next season?

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For the uninformed, what did Halton pull off this time?

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For the un-informed.

Halton Hills U-16 team lost their first 2 games of a round robin format
to Brampton and Barrie after placing 2nd overall in the regular season.

Brampton beat Barrie in the other game and earned a bye to the semi-finals
on Sunday. Halton finishing last in pool B had to face the 2nd place finisher
in pool A which was Mimico. Six Nations earned the bye in pool A and Oakville
whom placed 3rd had to play Barrie.

Barrie defeated Oakville and Halton Hills defeated Mimico in the 1/4 finals.
The glitch everyone is talking about is the fact Halton only had
one substitute for the 1/4 final game against Mimico and he got injured
during the game. The replacement also got injured leaving Halton to
finish the game with 8 runners and a goalie. Still they won the game.

After their win the Halton coach (whom was thrown out during the game)
and replaced by an un-carded coach went to see the convenor to
forfeit their next game against Brampton due to their lack of players.
The stickler here is the timing according to all I talked with.
It seems 20-30 minutes elapsed after the win before the forfeit was
announced to the convenor and Mimico's team had already vacated the grounds.
Hence, Brampton had no team to play and won by default in the Semi's.
Six Nations won their semi final game over Barrie as well.

In the final Six Nations won over Brampton 12-7 to take the GOLD
and Barrie was given the Bronze title as their was no team to play against.

This is not a cut and dry issue as many think it is.
I as a coach would have to think twice before fielding 8 players and a goalie
with no replacements against a full Brampton team as well. The safety of
my players would be paramount in my mind. This would be the 2nd meeting
of the teams in the tourney so hostilities would be elevated versus game 1
when they met.

I do not condone the actions of the Halton coach in the delay of the forfeit
nor do I condemn him for the reason.

Discussion I'm sure will follow my insight.



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#1 - The person who finished the game IS a carded coach and trainer. That was verified BEFORE the game was allowed to continue. I don't recall seeing any paperwork for yourself Drawman, but I do recall seeing you Coach a game.

#2 - Halton Hills played the QF's with 1 sub and won. After the game, the Coaches were informed by a player that he had to leave for hockey and they had 2 players injured during the Mimico game but were unfortunately not in any shape to play the next 2 games they would have had.

While it created a bit of a situation, it was not some sort of premeditated thing that the Coach knew about. Maybe, just this once, we should cut them some slack instead of jumping on the anti-Halton bandwagon all the time.

The team also had their goalie email them at 7am Saturday morning to say he wouldn't be coming for the weekend, further depleting their roster and had a player who made the Saturday morning game, but couldn't make the rest since his hockey team ended up advancing in their Tournament.

The weather co-operated fairly well, the teams had fun, the League went off with very few glitches and most importantly, the kids got to play more lacrosse. Why don't we try and focus on the MANY positives of the League instead of the couple of setbacks. Every League has them, but we worked through it and came out just fine at the end of the day.

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This would NEVER be allowed in box. To forfeit a game in the provincials should come with consequences, whether it's field or box! Oh yeah, and lets not forget the Halton parents being told to move past center by the ref because of their behaviour! Best part is, "apparently" the worst one of the group is the RIC for Halton. He should have been sent right to the parking lot - his mouth was atrocious. And nobody is denying that Halton PLAYERS deserved the win, they won that game fair and square, but given the antics of the coach during the game, I would have to say it was premeditated to wait until "the coast was clear" before forfeiting the semi's. Bottom line - it's provincials and there should be consequences.

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First of all, whether they would had wanted to play or not, Halton wouldn't had been allowed to start, as they wouldn't have had the required numbers to start the game.

Second of all, when a team forfeits a game, they are punished with a fine.