Rankings Aren't Easy

Rankings Aren't Easy

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I feel proud to come from a lacrosse centre that always tries to play up and not sandbag for a win.

When a centre like Wallaceburg, 10000 people, never gets to make cuts and no house league system goes into provincials with a rating higher than Milton, Barrie, Mimico #2 & Mississauga (just examples but there are lots of examples) it makes me proud of our coaches & players and makes me laugh when I hear people refer to us as an inferior zone.

We even fought to play "A" last year at 1 level because we knew we could compete, ask the "A' teams that played us we gave them a good run in every game, we usually lost but we loved the feeling of knowing our coaches and kids wanted to be challenged and not go and sandbag at a lower level because you would have to play your best to beat the best teams. We only had 11 runners on that team.

HATS OFF TO THE TEAMS THAT PLAY "A" BALL and kudos to those who do it knowing it will take everything they have to win it.

Makes me laugh when we are playing at the same level or above as centres with 200 000 people, 2 rep teams and a full house league system.

Heck we only have 1 arena and it's only available 4 months a year. At 4 levels we will have 4 "B" teams and 2 "C" teams with only 160 kids total in the organization.

It will take a lot to win a provincial championship at any of these levels especially with teams dropping down to win it all but thats how you get better and thats why with only 160 kids registered we are a "B" centre.

How do we have more "B" teams than Milton & Mississauga, Barrie is surprising too with only 2 "B" teams.

Good luck to all, I think the mylaxrankings.com has been a big help and look forward to it's use in the future