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Lacrosse Community,

I wanted to make sure that the information about the Jr CLAX League is being circulated. It is apparent from my registration that some areas are not as informed as others. East of the DVP we have great responses, from areas ranging from Toronto to Kingston to Ottawa. West of Toronto so far has shown much less of a response in all of the 4 age groups (Kids aged 10-20 yrs old)....

I understand we are not going to have the OLA members actively assisting the development of our winter league, as we are not involved with them. We depend on members of the lacrosse community to help support the idea of Rep level Winter Box Lacrosse. I know there are a great deal of strong minor centers, great coaches, and solid players in the West end. I would really like to see you join us. Especially in the Brampton area, as we will be in your backyard and really look for local support.

I would also like to spark some discussion on your view of a
Youth Winter Box Lacrosse League for the future stars??

Our objective is to start another platform for lacrosse, with the tremendous growth of the game players need somewhere competitive to play. We run outside of the OLA schedule (blackout period), and disrupt not one inch of the lacrosse programs already in place. Summer programs would benefit from our winter box league, as it does in Six Nations with the ILA Arena. That is proven with the year round facility, and the way lacrosse is embraced. I think it is great.

I can easily think of about 10 Private Field Lacrosse Programs that operate through the OLA Calender on higher costs, but no other box league that operates at an Elite or Rep level. Except Six Nations, as mentioned above. Field lacrosse has taken off in the last 10 years, and it is because of our dedication to the indoor game. It is what seperates us from the rest of the world, would you agree?

We will succeed, and I think it is important to know what people think about the Junior CLAX Program. If you dont want to post your name, you dont have to. Good or bad, lets hear it!

If you would like to contact me with any questions, or to register for the 2012 season:

Joel Johnson



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just a few things about why you are not getting alot of responses.
1) you dont specify times of games
2) cost is pretty high - you should leave it up to the individual if they want season tickets.
3) you games are on the same days as the Toronto Rock games

I'd like to register my son but I have seasons for the rock and dont want his games to interfere with that. I also want to attend as many CLax games as I can in Brampton as long as they don"t interfere with rock games. I mentioned it to a few other Lax dads and the price turned them off, one said "it costs more than box & field registrations together"