Inside Lacrosse recognizes former and current Team Ontario talent

Inside Lacrosse recognizes former and current Team Ontario talent

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Justin Lemcke, Midfield, 3d Select Canada 2015 (Ontario) - What do you say about a kid that is just so dominant that he stands head and shoulders above the rest? You say that you hope (perhaps selfishly, but for the sake of the sport) that he chooses to stick with lacrosse and resist the temptation to play hockey professionally. A sure-fire pick to be drafted into the Ontario Hockey League, this kid is a stud midfielder who clearly plays with a Canadian gait (no pun intended) and is machine-like in his production. This promising young righty is a hog on groundballs, has a tremendous sense for the field (really communicating well with his teammates on both ends of the field, setting up play after play after play on offense) and was able to get to the cage and get his shot off literally any time that he wanted to. He's got good size for his age, standing at about 6-1, and he's tough as nails. He goes to the cage with fervor and seems unfazed by checks. He harasses ball carriers all over the field a force in the midfield. He faces off, is an outstanding feeder from any spot in the box (or outside of it) and simply was the best player in this class that I saw. If he decides to stay involved in lacrosse down the line, the sky is the limit for this kid from Ontario.

Jake Fox, Attack, 3d Select Canada, Ontario - Here's a hard-working finisher with outstanding stick skills. He's got good size, at about 6-1 and upward of 180 pounds (just my estimation here), and he outworked guys around the cage both as a finisher and on groundballs. He can dodge, too, thanks to his solid frame and strong legs. This is yet another Canadian who's looking to bring his game to the college ranks, and with a few more years to develop, it's likely that will come to fruition. If he's got the ball within 10 or 12 yards and has an inch of space, he's likely going to bury it.

Jeff Teat, Attack, 3d Select Canada, Ontario, Canada - If you don't know of Dan Teat, then I'm not sure you'll understand why you should keep an eye on his son. A smaller but rugged lefty attackman, the son of the longtime NLL/Major Series forward showed some serious finishing abilities as his team played more games, and it was a tough team to stand out on, as the Canadians were simply rolling the competition. Teat's got smarts and can put the ball in the net consistently. He's got great hands and was pumping shots into the net as the weekend went on, being invited to the All-Star game.