DOVE 2012

DOVE 2012

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DOVE 2012 - Determined to Oppose Violence Everywhere!
12 Hour Marathon Charity Lacrosse Game
Starting Friday June 8 at 7:00 pm
Aurora Community Centre

It is a sad but interesting fact that few Canadians know that our first national sport originated from an aboriginal game played hundreds of years before Canada became a nation. Aurora Masters Lacrosse is one of many groups promoting this sport and its virtues, with the added focus of reaching out to those most in need in our community. A little over five years ago, we decided to capture the communitys attention by promoting violence awareness and prevention through the paradox of the game of lacrosse. As a result, we formed a campaign called DOVE, which stands for Determined to Oppose Violence Everywhere.

DOVE 2012 is our fifth full scale campaign! In fact, during our first campaign (DOVE 2008), we challenged other lacrosse groups to get involved in their communities, and this challenge was answered by the organization Truly Lacrosse Cares, which raised over $29,000 for the Childrens Wish Foundation in April 2009. DOVE 2012 hopes to exceed both last years amount of funds generated and awareness raised (spreading the message) for both the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness ( and the Spirit of the Stick ( organizations. Both non-profit community organizations attempt to rebuild, empower, and protect individuals and their communities from the ravages of abuse, neglect, and violence.

We applaud their tireless determination to ensure no one is left feeling isolated, alone, or without hope. DOVE 2012 is our commitment to ensure that these organizations will continue to work until there is no further need for their services.

We are looking for players, volunteers and sponsors! If youre willing lend a hand drop us an email at or for more information about DOVE 2012 check out

James Zacher DOVE 2012 Executive Member