CLAX Christmas Clinics/Exhibition

CLAX Christmas Clinics/Exhibition

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This Saturday, December 17th we will be hosting CLAX Christmas Clinic sessions led by instructors; Lacrosse Legend Jim Veltman, as well as the 2012 JR CLAX coaches. Age groups and times are as follows, this invitation is open to any and all players:

Peewee/Minor Bantam Players (as of 2012 Season) 9am to 10:30am

Midget/Maj Bantam Players (as of 2012 Season) 10:30am to Noon

GOALTENDER SPOTS ARE NOW FULL for all age groups EXCEPT PEEWEE. With only an hour and a half of time on the turf, it would be unfair to all goalies to not get an honest amount of "Net Time".

Prospect Scrimmages: Goaltender spots are now full, but still a couple player spots open. Great for players who wanna get out and play spme ball,and of course for those still debating on joining the league. The registraints so far are a vairiance of all levels of Junior Lacrosse, and 95's who are entering Junior Lacrose this summer. This league has something to offer anyone who is serious about their upcoming season, will be attending Elite Tryouts, or cracking a line-up somewhere in the summer box season.

WEST END SCRIMMAGE: 9pm GM Center. (1992-1995 born players)

EAST END SCRIMMAGE: 10pm GM Center. (1992-1995 born players)

If you would like to attend, please email your name and age group. If it is a late decision Friday, then walkins will still be allowed to particpate also.


Joel Johnson
Director JR CLAX Program