Makeing a pack

RP with your friends in this lovely scenery. Flowers are surrounding the area everywhere, along with wild pokemon that you may battle to gain level ups and what not.
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Pokemon Master
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Some one was in the distance. Their vauge shape was very odd. It seemed to have a canine-like structure, but some sort of potrusion from its back, like wings, and something on its back legs. Also, there was some ball on the end of its tail. What was this odd creature in the distance?

Poochyena112 was sniffing. Sniffing for someone, something, anything. He couldn't travel alone. Not since he escaped from te labs. What was it? Geno Labs or something like that. Huh? What? What's that smell? Is that a... pokémon? He quickly looked around. Yes. There was someone in the distance. He flared up his tiny wings and dug his heel claws into the ground and pushed off towards the Shinx in the distance and let his wings carry him towards it with great speed. A trail of dust followed in his wake.
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