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Pokemon Champion
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"Why hello there, I'm an expert at examining fossils then telling you what they are. If you happen to come across a fossil on your journey than you may bring them to me at my Regeneration Lab and I may convert your fossil into an ancient pokemon.

Some of the fossils I may convert are these:

:rootfossil: - [normal sprite]lileep[/normal sprite]
:clawfossil: - [normal sprite]anorith[/normal sprite]
:helixfossil: - [normal sprite]omanyte[/normal sprite]
:domefossil: - [normal sprite]kabuto[/normal sprite]
:oldamber: - [normal sprite]aerodactyl[/normal sprite]


To go into his lab just post a new topic sayin how your wanting to convert which ever fossil you own and the scientist will tell you what pokemon it is, etc.

- Credits to vaan for makin the new banner for me <3

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