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Ein took a deep breath and sucked in the fresh air, this town was a nice place. Good to start a journey with on a positive note! Ein looked down to Togepi in his arms, then to Riki (Evee) at his right side and Asellus (Ralts) on his left, the three of them had all been walking together but Togepi was the youngest of the three pokemon, and was constantly wandering off when Ein had his back turned. The other two seemed to agree that it would be faster to carry Togipi. She was a cute little thing really excited, actually they all were really looking forward to this, though Riki was the only one of them battle ready. The other two didn't even seem too know any offensive moves, though that was okay.

Ein pondered what the trio's first move should be, probably training and getting these two ready for real combat. Asellus would soon learn an attack move....Togepi.. would be a problem. Oh well even if the little guy never learned to fight! she would be a good friend! funny though how the guy afraid of female humans was now surrounded by female pokemon and it didn't bother him at all. Oh well that was better then being afraid of female pokemon to, That would really suck.

So the trio walked towards the out skirts of town happy as can be, They were in a field of grass just high enough so Ein could see Togepi even in the grass though just barely. Perhaps they would find some wild pokemon to battle or even catch! yea! that would be cool. Ein's face was a grin as he set Togepi down and watch the pokemon play together, if a trainer came Ein would have to back down since only one of them had an attack move even a trainer with one pokemon would be able to kick their butts. Oh well no worries! Ein's bright blue eyes scanned the grass and sky for any sign of wild pokemon.

The above is my team for platinum, it is subject to changes but feel free to pm me for battles, trading and breeding's.


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