Enera (pokémon/his dark materials crossover)


10:10 AM - Sep 03, 2014 #1

welcome to the enera region

Enera is a peaceful, diverse land. It is full of all sorts of people and Pokémon from all over the world. Every human and Pokémorph has a dæmon, their soul in Pokémon form, which is always at their side throughout life. Yet flickers of worry are spreading from a spark in the land in the far north. Rumours of panserbørne, the great race of armoured bears, growing uneasy and upset with something have spread through the region. Many didn't believe it. After all, what could disturb a race so powerful?

Yet witches, normally stubbornly planted in the far North, have been seen as far south as Enera. Sightings have been rare but certain. The witches are perhaps even tougher than the panserbørne, so to see them worried too is sending fear rippling through the Enera region. There is a sense of anticipation, but for what none can say.

Join now and your actions could shape the world.

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