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"Hey there, you most likely know me. But anyways I have came to all of the regions to tell you what our decision was on the egg hunting. And this is one of my oldest friends here next to me," the professor says. "On the egg hunting, we have decided to make it a yearly thing!! but of course it will cost you .. now.. a fee to participate..If you decide to participate in the egg hunting, just start a new topic here roleplaying that your gonna pay the money, and yeah a staff member will help you along the way."

We, the staff of UV, have decided to leave the egg hunting to a yearly thing..a yearly thing..meaning .. sure you may TRY and find as many eggs as you wish..but .. sometimes you may have difficult times, finding the eggs, but no worries..just don't give up.

When you start a new topic, and pay your fee, you will have 2 whole pages to RP youe egg hunting.

The fee to go egg hunting will be $800.

We do hope you try and post more than a sentence though, it makes staff have to think harder than they really should, ya know? If somebody says that they're gonna go egg hunting, but don't describe where you look at. If you describe where you look at then if a staff member who updates you replies to your topic then it makes it easier to choose the type of pokemon.

For a pond, you may find any of these:

[normal sprite]poliwag[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]dratini[/normal sprite] ~ Rare
[normal sprite]mudkip[/normal sprite] ~ So so xD
[normal sprite]horsea[/normal sprite] ~ Common

ETC..those are just examples what you may find in a pond.

Or if you look in a cave, example could be these:

[normal sprite]geodude[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]regirock[/normal sprite] ~ RARE
[normal sprite]onix[/normal sprite] ~ Common

ETC..those are just examples what you may find in a cave.

OR in a volcano:

[normal sprite]magby[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]houndour[/normal sprite] ~ So so xDD
[normal sprite]torchic[/normal sprite] ~ Common I suppose

ETC..those are just examples of what you may find in a volcano/random firey place.

OR outside in the grass/tree, just plainly outside looking around xDD

[normal sprite]hoothoot[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]pidgey[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]caterpie[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]wurmple[/normal sprite] ~ Common

ETC..those are just exaples of pokemon that you may find outside..out in the open.

OR maybe you would like to travel in an Power Plant ^^

[normal sprite]pichu[/normal sprite] ~ Not that common
[normal sprite]elekid[/normal sprite] ~ Common
[normal sprite]magnemite[/normal sprite] ~ Common may find anything in there..


[normal sprite]rayquaza[/normal sprite]
[normal sprite]eevee[/normal sprite]
[normal sprite]manaphy[/normal sprite]
[normal sprite]deoxys[/normal sprite]
[normal sprite]groudon[/normal sprite]

ETC..there are many more rare pokemon..but they are VERY VERY VERY VERY RARE....okay?? and they'll only be level 1.



The cost to do the egg hunt is $800 .

You will only be able to RP for 2 whole pages .

Make sure to say Where you are at in your new topic as well.

If you have any questions feel free to PM any of our staff questions regarding the Egg hunting..this is a new thing for us, I actually have never seen it on another board before.

But we have decided to make it a yearly thing.

- Credits to vaan for makin the new banner for me <3

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