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Unity project over time

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August 1st, 2015, 7:40 am #1

A while ago I started a first person engine in unity. I took screenshots over time to show changes. I don't have screenshots of some intermediate things that I wish did. Also at first the only thing that wasn't mine was the skybox, over time I added more of my own stuff and some other peoples art just to fill space. The main goal with this engine is to inspire me to make more of my own art to fill the scene. The hands are from make human, I animated them, lmb attack, rmb zoom, mmb flip the bird. DoF focal point at the intersection of a ray. The original gun shot bullets with line renderers and rays, has aiming down the sights and inaccuracy for hip fire(with bullet hit decals of course). Each large object has multiple levels of detail based on distance, the smaller things just cull at distance but are grouped together. After updating everything to pbr in the last few shots, I also added a day and night cycle. 215 lines of C#

first pic: date 1/29/2015

second pic: date 1/29/2015

date 5/12/2015

date 5/12/2015

date 5/15/2015

date 8/1/2015 (pbr)

date 8/1/2015

date 8/1/2015