Mother accused of murdering sons must stay at hospital

Mother accused of murdering sons must stay at hospital

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<a href=" ... manchester" target="_new"> ... manchester</a>>Mother accused of murdering sons must stay at hospital A mother accused of murdering her two sons appeared in court yesterday. Jael Mullings, 21, was taken into the dock accompanied by four members of staff from a psychiatric hospital when she appeared at Manchester city magistrates court.

She is accused of stabbing to death Romario, two, and Delayno Mullings-Sewell, three months, at their home in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, last month, hours after a family doctor contacted police to express concern for their welfare.

A joint funeral for the boys, described by their family as "gorgeous" and "beautiful", will take place in Manchester this morning at St John's church, Cheetham Hill, followed by a private burial service.

Mullings, who was estranged from her partner, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act following their deaths on November 12. Wearing a black hooded jacket, grey jumper and dark trousers in court yesterday, she spoke briefly to confirm her name, date of birth and address. She blew kisses to her mother and other family members, believed to be siblings, in the public gallery. They blew kisses back to her.

Ian Lee, prosecuting, told the magistrates Mullings was on bail on condition she remains at the Edenfield Centre, Prestwich, Greater Manchester, a mental health unit, where she will be given treatment. He said: "It is clearly a case that can only be dealt with at crown court."

Colin Thompson, chairman of the bench, granted bail on condition Mullings remains at the Edenfield Centre, and the case was committed to Manchester crown court for a hearing on December 17.

No pleas were entered by Mullings. It is a condition of her bail that she resides at the hospital and if this situation changed, the hospital staff confirmed they would notify Greater Manchester police.

Officers were called to the family home in Cheetham Hill on the evening of November 12 following reports of concern for the children's welfare.

Their bodies were discovered and post-mortems showed each had died as a result of a single stab wound to the chest. The local authority and the Independent Police Complaints Commission have announced separate investigations.

Manchester city council announced it was reviewing the contact between its children's services department and Mullings, although the children were not on the at-risk register. Police had called at the house where the boys' bodies were found hours before their deaths but had been unable to get an answer. Ambulance workers and police staff were offered counselling after attending the scene.

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"Doctors HAD seen accused mother
<strong>Amanda Crook </strong>

<strong>THE mum accused of killing her baby and two-year-old son had been treated for mental health problems - but was discharged because she failed to keep appointments</strong>.

The M.E.N. can reveal <strong>doctors at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care trust diagnosed Jael Mullings with 'low mood' depression but it is understood she <em>did not respond well to treatment and staff referred her to her GP.
A spokesman for the city's psychiatric services would only say Mullings was not in their care when her sons were killed two weeks ago and it is understood their contact with her ended 18 months before two-year-old Romario and three-month-old Delayno were found dead at the family's Cheetham Hill home.

He refused to say how long the trust had looked after her and whether it was their usual policy to discharge people who did not show up to appointments.

An independent investigation is now looking at how social services handled the case and the role of health services is also under scrutiny because Mullings, as the mother of a new child, should have had regular contact with community midwives and health visitors.

<strong>Tot and baby stabbed to death</strong>

Laura Roberts, chief executive of NHS Manchester, said: "It is very important that the support received by the family from the NHS is examined as part of the multi-agency review into the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.

"The review must be conducted thoroughly before any conclusions can be drawn about the role of the NHS or other agencies and in the meantime it is not appropriate for us to speculate."

Caroline Marsh, Director of Adult Social Care said: "The person concerned has in the past received welfare benefits from Manchester Advice."

Jael Mullings dumped Romario at a hospital and then at a doctors' surgery- with a note attached to him but five months later, social workers - who had been keeping an eye on the family - closed their file on Mullings, judging that the mother was capable of caring for her children.

She was arrested on suspicion of murdering the boys. She has now been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

<strong>The 21-year-old had earlier called a doctors' surgery in a state of distress</strong>, and had been spotted screaming at her children in the street, telling them she 'hated' them and shouting: "<strong>Are you going to shoot me?</strong>"

Mullings rang her own mother to say that her sons were dead.

A statement from the boys' family said: "This family had two beautiful, innocent children called Romario who was just two years old and his brother, Delayno, who had only been born in July this year.

"We, as a family, are struggling to come to terms with the tragic events of yesterday afternoon and we cannot even begin to understand what happened. "Everybody is completely devastated.We hope that wherever the boys have gone to they are at peace."

Neighbours told how in the hours before the murders the boys' mother, who had only recently moved into the house, had been seen screaming in the street, and marching up and down.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is also investigating why it took police one hour to go round to the house after the second of two 999 calls from surgery staff."


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"Tears over tragic brothers
<strong>Brian Lashley </strong>

HUNDREDS of mourners gathered to pay their last respects to two young brothers allegedly stabbed to death by their mother.

Romario Mullings-Sewell, two, and brother Delayno, three months, were killed at their home on Kilmington Drive, Cheetham Hill, last month.

After the funeral service Delayno's small white coffin was carried from St John's Church, Cheetham Hill, by his uncle Ezekiel Mullings. A few steps behind, Romario's matching coffin was carried by uncles Leighton and Daniel Mullings.

The boys' father Marco Sewell, looked on with hundreds of other mourners.

Delayno and Romario died from stab wounds to the chest.

<strong>Jael Mullings, 21, has been charged with murdering her two sons. She appeared in court earlier this week.
Grieving relatives of the two boys arrived for the funeral walking behind the hearse containing two blue and white floral tributes which spelt out the words `Nephews' and `Sons'.

Among the tributes were matching wreaths with teddies bearing identical messages, which read `Good night, God bless little angel. Love always', from their great-grandmother Pastor Gloria Buckle.

Rev Daniel Burton led the service and said the whole community was united in grief and compassion. He said: "We all feel we have lost members of our own family.

"There is not one person I have spoken to who has reacted with anger or bitterness. The response has been `there but for the grace of God go I'. What has happened to the family could have happened to any family."

He urged mourners not to point fingers but to pray.

A poem for the boys was read, saying: "You were like snow that has fallen from heaven, pure and clean and fresh. But now the candle of your earthly life has gone out, leaving our world so dark that it seems as if the sun itself was eclipsed by your passing."

A private burial took place at a local cemetery."


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Some of the murders that take place while on MIND ALTERING antidepressants, antipsychotics and ADHD meds or while in terrible withdrawal. 

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The site allows you to access the full news story story. And to sort the index by the following groups.

What, Drug, Date, Where, Additional info.

These are all just from this month and it is only the 15th

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Nice to see you again and hope your effexor site is working well.  This one (and lots of other sites with this hostsite) are having some problems that they're trying to sort out, so its our turn now.

Might one day be online at the same time as you are, and will catch up with you then



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It has been awhile. For once we are not seeing problems with the effexor site. Sorry to hear you guys are dealing with site annoyances. It is such a head ache.

We have been getting a lot of letters from people (At our forum ) who seem to be having long term Effexor withdrawal symptoms. I can not see an pattern in who gets long term symptoms. It is frustrating because I have nothing to offer the victims other than sympathy. It makes me so sad. So many lives ruined.

I have been managing a forum for people who are depressed.

I started it after getting kicked off a tribe (called depression tribe) for telling the truth about SSRIs. I knew I had to start a new tribe just to give people coming to tribes the other side of the story. The woman who manages depression tribe totally pushes effexor and other meds. They tried very hard to get me kicked off all of Tribes. But after sending the owners of tribes a few articles and sites (like this one) They sided with me. It is always nice when truth wins.

Hope you had a lovely xmass

Lots of love from Paula's protégé L


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Oh my God!

I had not looked at the pill pushing site I mentioned above in a long time. It seems the woman has quit effexor (nothing about withdrawal or quitting slowly) But now she is starting to talk about Prestiq (the effexor clone Wyeth is now selling, after losing the exclusive rights to effexor.) She writes

"My shrink had spoken to me about a new drug called Prestiq (not sure of the spelling) and seemed encouraged by it. It's similar in action to Effexor. The weight gain with Effexor was unavoidable for me (like I needed help!) and there were the other side effects that you described, but it, to me, was preferable to death which was my option at the time I started on Effexor. For me, it was a lifesaver. "

If I am right about her, soon she will be taking Prestiq and talking about how, it is the greatest thing since wonder bread!

And the drama goes on. Sigh!