Tim Map Project (participation would be great!)

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A while ago I did a ‘map project’ for Michael Palin, which involved me marking down the locations of his fans around the world (general or specific) on a map, and sending it to him to show his work is appreciated around the world.

I was lucky enough to get a reply a few weeks after sending it!

Here’s the link to the thread as proof any of this happened and I am not, in fact, a big fat liar:
http://thepalincleeselovechild.tumblr.c ... TA-project

I have decided I want to make one for Tim (Brooke-Taylor), because he is one of my absolute heroes and I know he has many fans out there! I started doing one for him a couple of years back, but I never finished it because I was inundated with exams…

This is what would happen:

1. You send me your country/ area of living in (be as specific or non as you like), as well as the name you want to be known by.[
2. I mark it down on the map with a sticker, and write your name and location on the back for Tim to see.
3. I write a little letter explaining the reason why he has just received a map, and stick it on the back next to the names.
4. We wait.
5. We never hear back, or we are lucky enough to get a reply! (not vital at all!)

So please, if you are interested send me a message with your name and location, and I will add it to the map. I will send you a message when I’ve done it, and will photograph it & post it up once it is complete, prior to sending.

Hope this makes sense – if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Leah x