Bill Oddie Unplucked, book.

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Bill has a new book out. 'Bill Oddie Unplucked' can be found on Amazon and various book stores.

Bill Oddie has been the voice and face of birding broadcasting for more than three decades. Those of a certain age will fondly remember Bill as the shortest and hairiest of the trio of The Goodies, a popular and long-running comedy series that followed hot on the heels of Monty Python. After those heady days, Bill reinvented himself as the face (and voice) of mainstream birdwatching in Britain. He fronted television and radio programmes and wrote widely in the press on subjects close to his heart. Never one to shirk controversy, Bill's writings were always informative and entertaining. ... +unplucked

Bill also has some Literary Festival events coming up...

Crown Hotel, Harrogate, Thursday 2nd July, 6.30pm £12

The George Hotel, Lichfield, Sunday 12th July, 11.45am. £10 ... 0by%20date

Buxton Opera House - 25th July. 10.15am–11.15am £12 ... ill-oddie/

Those are the dates i've found so far.

Also Bill's been on BBC Radio 2 promoting the book.
The Goodies turn 45 in November.

Repeat The Goodies as part of the 40th Anniversary petition

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