PhenoM opens the show

PhenoM opens the show

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Here to Stay by Korn hits the P.A. The fans erupt as their hometown star PhenoM walks out.

Wendi Peterson: Please introduce, President of UHW's Global Media, your very own, PhenoM!

The crowd start chanting "PhenoM! PhenoM! PhenoM!". PhenoM gets into the ring and taunts on the turnbuckle. He grabs a microphone as his music cuts


The fans start cheering louder. PhenoM goes to speak and then looks around as the fans start to chant "UHW! UHW! UHW!"

PhenoM: On behalf of UHW, we are delighted to be working here tonight, for the first time ever, in front of the hundreds of UHW fans here in Westpac Stadium!

The cheap pop causes a cheer

PhenoM: This is a homecoming for me, many of you remember me on the curcuits in wellington and Auckland. Well, on behalf of Beast, Dragon and myself, we have brought our glory back home. Tonight, we will see my brothers, Beast and Dragon duel it out for the Universal Championship in the Chamber of Hell. We will see Scorpion and Justin Daly settle it out for the InterNational Championship and we will see Shadow and Dirk Robertson fight for the right to be the number one contender for the Universal championship at Sacrifice.

As soon as Sacrifice was mentioned, a chant starts up saying "One more match! One more match! One more match! PhenoM smiles

PhenoM: Enjoy the show folks, PhenoM forever Never More

'The King of Kings' By Motorhead hits the P.A. The crowd look to the arena stage to see the red lights of the followers. They start booing merciless as Scorpion alone walks out and down to the ring towards PhenoM. He climbs into the ring holding his trademark bat as the crowd chant "FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF!"

PhenoM: Ah...

Scorpion bashes PhenoM in the head with the bat, downing the hometown hero. The crowd boo heavily as Scorpion spits on PhenoM and then clubs him again in the back with his bat. He mounts ontop of PhenoM and starts throwing fists to PhenoM's skull. Scorpion climbs up off the bloodied PhenoM and picks up the microphone

Scorpion: The Dark Lord is coming, let this night be the sacrifical lamb on the highway to hell. The final Sacrifice is yet to come, before the lord ressurects from the ashes.

The fans start throwing stuff at Scorpion as he leaves the ring. The video for Bound for Honor begins

Throughout history..... Men have fought for dominance on the battlefield....

Beast and Dragon fade in and out, clips of their heated rivialry are shown

Throughout History....Men have reached the pinnacle of their success

Clips of Shadow and Dirk are shown with a voice over by Denzel saying "Who will be going to Sacrifice?"

Throughout History...Men have overcame the odds

Clips of the best of 5 series are shown

But tonight in history....

Voice overs "Who will be going to Sacrifice?"
"Two former best friends will collide in the Chamber of Hell"
"There will be no mercy, there will be pain and their will be blood"

...History will be made

UHW presents, Bound for Honor