MAIN EVENT: Universal Title Match

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**Holly Holmes is standing just outside of the Freaks of Nature locker room. She knocks centered on the Freaks Army logo. The door opens and Harvey Cross peers out.

Harvey: Who is it?

Holly: Holly Holmes, I was wondering if I can get an exclusive with Mac Daddy Squid.

Harvey: One second.

The closes and some mild discussion is heard. The door opens just enough for Squid to squeeze out. A lot of commotion is heard inside.

Mac Daddy Squid: So Holly is who raps upon my chamber door.

Holly: Squid, for months you have been claiming to be Universal Champion because of your vacant IWF World title. Despite the IWF being an entirely separate entity.

WE see a close up of the IWF title on squids waist.

Holly: Tonight you have the opportunity to make it official. You have had some very harsh exchanges with your opponents, now that the ficade is over and tonight is the night. Are you still confident?

Squid: I am not going to lie...Holly that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Of course I am confident. I am THE MAC DADDY SQUID! I am the leader of THE FREAKS OF NATURE. Of course I am confident.

I think the question you meant to ask was how excited am I to be crowned champion and making my claims official. Well I will tell you Holly it feels great. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. A lot of Kansas City Shuffles. A lot of magic will happen tonight. You know you're looking over here while I make something happen over there.

I said it before and I will say it again. I AM THE champion. But instead of just allowing me to take the title we had this cockamamie tournament that allowed an ass clown like Phenom and the Messiah of blasphemy into this triple threat.

Yes I have this IWF title but it means dick to me.

Squid lifts the title and throws it down the hall.

Squid: That was a place holder while I waited to have the real thing and tonight is the night I claim that prize. Tonight I silence idiots like Phenom and prove that I am every bit as smart as I claim to be.

Keep your eyes peeled for that rumored fourth member. keep those eyes peeled for all of the aces I have up my sleeves and keep your eyes peeled for a total Freak victory, because Holly tonight is the night that the Freaks Army stands up against injustice and politics...Tonight the Freaks Army revolution begins.**


DF: It’s Main Event time and we’ve already crowned a new International X Champion in Mitch Norton!

JS: And we’ve seen a great Cage Match and we said goodbye to one of the greatest careers in UHW History in Drake Stevens.

DF: But now we look forward…it’s time…

JS: For the Universal Title Match. Three men, one goal…who will come out on top.

The shot cuts to Ashley Jackson in the ring holding a microphone, along side Michael St. Clare who is holding the UHW Universal Title.


The crowd stands to its feet cheering and applauding, the noise is deafening and Ashley smiles out at the packed DCU Center. “Beneath” by Nothingface starts playing in as the stage flickers with white and red lights, smoke fills the entrance and Mac Daddy Squid strolls out on his own, he stares into the crowd with a smirk, he then slowly walks down the aisle as pyros follow him down the aisle, he then runs and slides in the ring and stands as pyros come out all four corners. Squid stares at the fans with contempt and smirks, he then lowers his head before backing into his corner jumping up and down, stretching, and soaking in the moment.

DF: This man looks very confident tonight. I question whether this confidence is aided by the possibility of assistance for the Mac Daddy tonight?

JS: Oh god no. This is THE match for any wrestler; I’d be surprised if we saw any outside interference. Squid is confident because he believes in his own ability.

“Beneath” dies down, and Squid nods as he stares up at the entrance, the smoke clearing and the lights returning to normality. A pause ensues then the arena blacks out as the first riff of H. starts. A red and white light illuminates the stage, flashing violently as PhenoM is seen backstage on the big screen, he is walking down the corridors with a bottle of water in his hand, he turns a corner and past a few wrestlers who nod out of respect, he gets to the entrance and storms through taking a sip of the water, he looks out at the crowd to a chorus of booing, he smirks as a few fans next to the aisle bow down to him. He storms down the aisle and throws the bottle aside before stopping mid-aisle to stare in the ring. He points at Squid who shrugs and walks to the ropes, he sits on the middle rope and lifts the top rope up inviting PhenoM in. He then flips him off before pacing back to his corner. PhenoM lowers his head before raises his arms out clutching his fists before storming the ring, sliding in belly first, he remains on his belly before jumping to his feet, he climbs the turnbuckle and stares out at the crowd with his arms down his side. He looks out over the crowd before leaping off and standing opposite of Squid.


DF: Oh yes…this is a big time moment…

The lights go out and "Devour" begins to play along rhythmically, the crowd nods along to the music as the song kicks up pace going into the first verse…a spotlight shines down and James Jackson walks out in a black and gold custom hooded cloak. He stands with his head lowered to a rapturous reception from the crowd, the song hits the lyrics as James remains still, he slowly raises his head and looks up at the ring as the chorus hits, he then storms down the ring and begins running, the spotlight follows him and he slides in the ring, PhenoM and Squid bailing, the spotlight then flares off into several spotlights as they race around the ring. He stops in the middle of the ring staring out at the fans, he then shoots his arms out in the crucifix pose, he tilts his head up slightly as the song continues to play. Suddenly pyro shoots up behind him, shooting gold and white sparks up ala Shawn Michaels, he keeps his pose as the fireworks blast on. His music then slows down: “Devour” being sung by the fans even after the end of the song. James remains in his pose and the lights come back up and he backs up into his corner as Squid and PhenoM shoot a look across at each other from the outside before sliding in together.

DF: James Jackson is what MANY, MANY fans would call the Messiah of UHW. He IS UHW and like Dragon, he is THE guy the fans respect most. Just look at the reception he got.

JS: He’s a ruthless and no regrets kind of guy, the type of person who’d stab his best friend in the back but he’s a winner. He always performs out of his skin and the fans respect that.

DF: PhenoM is another guy in that category and he’s a tough son of a bitch. He’s been in every type of match going and he’s a guy who will take apart his opponents.

JS: We don’t know much about Squid but what we do know is he is very resourceful, he’s ruthless, he’s cocky and he’s willing to do WHATEVER it takes to be the king of this company.

DF: He’s got talent, Josh, make no mistake…he doesn’t NEED the Freaks Army but he chooses to run that group as an insurance policy and I’m sure he gets a kick out of gang attacks.

JS: Maybe so…but let’s agree that all three men are at the top of their games and this SHOULD be an instant classic.

The shot cuts again to Ashley as she stands in the centre of the ring clutching the microphone. Michael St. Clare stands in the corner with the Universal Title.

AJ: So introducing the first challenger…he comes from…Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…weighing in at 220lbs…HE IS MAAAAC DADDY SQUIIIID!!!

A roar of boos and hisses goes up, unmoved Squid moves forward and holds his hand in the air, he rotates his head and jumps up and down before backing up again.

AJ: And introducing the second challenger…he comes from The Foundry…weighing in at 105kb…HE IS PHEEEENOOOOM!!!

Again the boos continue with the odd cheer, PhenoM remains in his corner and lowers his head inhaling deeply. He stares up at both opponents.

AJ: And introducing lastly…he comes from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada…weighing in at 225lbs…HE IS JAAAAMES JAAAACKSOOOON!!!

The tone changes to an uproarious sound of cheering goes up with some boos, he doesn’t react and just stares straight ahead at nothing, he then lowers his head. Michael St. Clare steps forward as Ashley leaves the ring, he walks to Squid and shows him the title, Squid leans down and kisses it. St. Clare then goes to PhenoM who places his hand on it gently, he then brushes his head and St. Clare makes his way to James Jackson who stares down at it, he then looks straight up at Squid, then PhenoM. Michael St. Clare then holds the title in the air, centre of the ring, turning to each side of the crowd. He then walks to the ropes, handing it through down to Ashley who returns to her seat. St. Clare then strolls to the centre of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell sounds as the crowd chants on.

DF: IT’S ON!!!


James stares at both men who look straight back but then at each other. Squid turns to PhenoM and they nod before charging at James who is backed into the corner covering up. Squid stomps down on him sending him to the mat, PhenoM then pushes in and begins stomping down on him, Squid then pulls him up and both he and Phe whip him off into the ropes, they then take him down with a double clothesline as he returns, JJ stands back up and walks into a big right from Squid, he then staggers away into the path of PhenoM who clobbers him with a left hook, James then drops to his knee and staggers up into Squid who lifts him and connects with a body slam, PhenoM then bounces off the ropes and returns with a leg drop, he then leans over and hooks his leg for the pin…St. Clare slides in…


Squid then pulls PhenoM off and hits him with a big uppercut, he then turns back to James who quickly sits up and pulls Squid down into a small package…



PhenoM quickly leaps over and breaks the package up, he then stomps down on James before turning to Squid, he grabs his wrist and whips him into the ropes where Squid holds onto the top rope with his arm, PhenoM then charges at him and sends him over and down to the outside, he turns to James who takes him down with a spear takedown. James then mounts on his chest and lays into him with lefts and rights.

DF: A fast start here with all three men trying to get the earliest possible advantage.

JS: Yes but the trick is survival…that is what they are fighting for.

PhenoM punches Jackson off and they quickly stand in the centre of the ring, they then lock up with PhenoM trying to push James into the corner, Jackson quickly spins him and pushes him into the corner, he then shoulder tackles him in the gut before lifting him up on the top of the turnbuckle. Jackson slowly climbs and hits a forearm dazing PhenoM, he then hooks his arm over his shoulder for a Superplex when Squid quickly slides in the ring, he runs to the corner and places James’ legs on his shoulders, he then drops back with an electric chair drop on James who takes Phen over with the Superplex. All three men crash diagonally across the ring with PhenoM crashed on the opposite turnbuckle.


Mac Daddy slowly crawls to the corner and pulls himself up, he stares back at both men with a big grin on his face, he then drops and rolls out of the ring.

DF: That was smart from Squid! He knew James Jackson was going for the Superplex but he added that extra power to the move.

He picks up a steel chair and looks at it with glee; he looks into the ring as St. Clare remonstrates with him, Squid then slides in the ring and taps the chair on the floor, he holds it up as James Jackson staggers to his feet, he turns and is belted with the chair, he drops and St. Clare calls for the bell!

JS: What?!

Squid drops the chair and looks bemused with himself. He holds his head and looks at the chair; he stares at his hands and seems to come to the realization about the match. He then boots the ropes and grabs his hair.

DF: Squid’s animalistic instinct to do whatever it took to win went too far! He must’ve just got a rush of blood to the head and he knows he’s screwed up big time!

JS: The pressure is so high, Denzel! Somebody had to just crack.

Michael St. Clare leans through the ropes and whispers to Ashley Jackson, she steps back with a look of shock.

AJ: Ladies and Gentlemen…the referee has informed me that due to the Disqualification of Mac Daddy Squid…JAMES JACKSON IS YOUR NEW…-

Suddenly “You Better Pray” starts blasting as David Mills strolls out onto the entranceway, he stares up at St. Clare shaking his head. His music fades.

DM: I don’t know if the referee’s got the memo but tonight’s PPV has too much riding on it to just let it go to waste like this. WHATEVER decision you made St. Clare about this match is null. Let me announce that this match is NO DISQUALIFICATION to ENSURE we have a clear and fair winner.

David walks to the back to silence as the crowd erupts at the announcement of this continuation.

DF: This match continues! Good decision making from our General Manager, he’s ensured we get a clear winner tonight but maybe Squid is fortunate that David Mills has made this decision, considering how close Harvey Cross is getting to Mills.

JS: What are you trying to say? Are you calling foul play? This is too big a match to be won via Disqualification!

James Jackson remains down as Squid slowly picks the steel chair up, with a smirk on his face he turns to PhenoM who slowly stands now, he turns and is dropped with a chair shot from Squid who stands mid-ring with his hands outstretched with the chair clutched in his left palm. He then drops and hooks PhenoM’s legs…



Th-Kickout!!! James Jackson jumps on top and breaks the count from nowhere! James then nips up and stalks Squid who rapidly stands, he charges at James with a clothesline but it is ducked and James spins him around before kicking him in the gut, he then flips him over with a hard Snap Suplex. James then stands up and grabs Squid by the feet, he goes to lock in the Sharpshooter but Mac Daddy quickly squirms away and grabs the ropes but James continues to grab his ankles and he pulls him from the ropes to the centre of the ring, he then turns him on his back and begins to apply the Shooter, he then turns him and sits back pulling his legs back. Squid cries out and pushes himself up using his arms, he then tries to crawl closer to the ropes again but James pushes more force down to make moving near impossible. Squid starts biting his knuckles whilst trying to stretch closer to the ropes, meanwhile James screams out with his face turning bright red, he looks out at the crowd with a severe intensity, they chant him on and cheer as he pushes down further, Squid tries to push himself up again and crawl closer but he gets half a foot closer when James pulls him up again and drags him to the centre of the ring.

DF: Squid can’t hold on much longer! He’s fading Josh, he’s fading!!!

JS: This one could be over quick after all!

Squid gets a second wind in the hold and pushes himself up whilst crying out again, he then drags himself closer to the ropes and grabs a hold of it! James keeps on and now St. Clare can’t do a thing! The crowd roars louder as James senses victory, he sits back and Squid drops his head, he looks out with a dazed look and tries to pull himself through the ropes so he can fall to the outside but James again pulls him away again and towards the center of the ring BUT PhenoM suddenly runs at James and drops him with a big boot to the face, James catapults back enough to collapse through the ropes to the outside, PhenoM then backs up on the opposite ropes and runs towards the ropes, he then Plancha’s over the top and down onto a standing James Jackson! They both crash to the mat, as all three men lie torn and battered already!

Crowd: UHW! UHW! UHW!

PhenoM slowly crawls to his feet as James clutches his cheek and looks up at the rafters. Squid has crawled to the other side of the ring and clutches at his leg. He stares out at PhenoM who has glanced over to spot the injury, with menace Phen slides in the ring cracking his knuckles. He storms over to Squid who scampers back and clutches at the ropes, PhenoM drags him away and pulls him to his feet, he then kicks his left ankle from under him and Squid drops to his back clutching his ankle, PhenoM then walks to the steel chair and picks it up, he then places Squid’s ankle in the chair to a great cheer from the crowd.

DF: Oh my! PhenoM is going to shatter Mac Daddy Squid’s ankle in half!

JS: A good old-fashioned Pillmanizing! Where’s the marshmallows?!

PhenoM then drops out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the apron, he rolls back in and clutches at the chair with pure malice in his eyes, and he then lifts the chair and slams it down hard onto Squid’s ankle. A groan from the crowd is drowned out by the agonizing scream from Mac Daddy. From the entrance way a woman runs down the aisle. The crowd doesn’t know her and automatically boo her.

DF: I think that’s Grace! She was seen with Squid on UHW dot com earlier this week!

JS: You could be right! She must know Squid’s night is over!

Grace, we assume, rolls in the ring and jumps onto Squid as PhenoM drops the chair in frustration, he drags Grace up by he hair and tosses her back to the mat.


The crowd erupts with a sarcastic cheer as Grace clutches her leg and looks up at PhenoM scared to death. Squid tries to sit up and pull her close but his ankle causes him too much pain and he can only drop out of the ring, dragging Grace with him. PhenoM turns and spots James on the other side getting up, Jackson slides in the ring and PhenoM charges at him, he kicks out with a Shuffle Side Kick but James ducks it and he continues off the ropes, he comes back at a swiveling Phen and tries for a clothesline but he ducks it and turns, James turns around and spins connecting with a thunderous Roaring Elbow knocking PhenoM flat on his back. James then hooks the leg…



Th-Kickout!!! PhenoM just throws his left shoulder off the mat!


The crowd gasps and groans but cheers James on as he slowly stands, he looks down on PhenoM and drops with a knee to his head, he quickly stands and turns and connects with an identical knee drop to his head. He then makes another quick cover…


Kickout! PhenoM flinches his shoulders up off the mat quickly and tries to sit up but James pushes him back down and comes back off the ropes, he then connects with a Shining Wizard while PhenoM tries to sit up again. James Jackson looks down again after standing and contemplates a pin but he walks to the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle, he stands atop the pad and looks down, he then leaps off with a picturesque swandive headbutt, he soars down but PhenoM rolls out of the way in time leaving Jackson to crash and burn, he bounces off the mat clutching his head and rolls by the ropes as Phenom pulls himself up using the ropes.

DF: Squid is still sat up on the barrier clutching his ankle and an EMT has joined him. Grace is keeping watch for him and meanwhile, James Jackson and PhenoM are taking big risks to win this match while it’s temporarily a single’s match!

JS: But both men outfoxing the other and their desire is taking over all natural instinct and ability!

PhenoM staggers over to James and pulls him up, he then slaps him with a few knife edge chops, he then hits a toe kick to the gut, he then pushes him to the ropes and James tries to fight back with forearms and a knife edge chop, PhenoM however knees him in the gut, he then pulls him in and lifts him up, he then drops JJ with a Sitout Powerbomb. PhenoM rolls back and stands observing the other two. Squid slowly stands up on the outside but his ankle gives way a little and he stumbles forward, he stands up and limps to the ring but stops before entering, he stares up at PhenoM and steps back again, clutching his ankle again, the crowd don’t buy it and begin to boo him. Grace screams at the front row as PhenoM shakes his head and stands over James Jackson, he then pulls him up and connects with another knee to the gut, he then whips him into the corner and charges after him, he then clotheslines him hard into the corner, James sways there and Phen steps back and charges up at him leaping with a knee strike to his face, he drops down and lets JJ collapse to the mat. He crawls forward as PhenoM stalks him; he drags him to his feet but James starts laying into him with lefts and rights, Phe returns with his own and they start exchanging punches. James charges and connects with a palm strike, knocking him back but he comes back with a stiff hook, he pushes James back and pulls him back with a knee to his gut but he breaks free and connects with a forearm to PhenoM, he then steps back and misses a Yakuza kick as Phe ducks it and turns, James turns to him and they both stop with their guard up staring at each other.

DF: Oh a standoff! They just seemed to guard at the same time and there’s an awkward standoff.

JS: They just slapped the shit out of each other!

Squid shakes his ankle and remarkably slides in the ring with ease, he charges both men who turns to him and he connects with a double clothesline. He smirks and starts dancing around the ring, he then does 2 squats before standing before James can make a move, he then charges him and connects with an STO. Squid stands quickly and turns to PhenoM, he pulls him up and kicks him in the gut, and he then connects with a quick DDT! He then jumps up to his feet and throws his arms up in the air triumphantly. The fans boo loudly as Grace applauds from the outside.

DF: He was playing possum! I’m sure his ankle was in agony but he recovered fast!

JS: Of course! He’s probably in pain still but imagine the mind rape he’s inflicted on PhenoM and James Jackson now!

PhenoM rolls out of the ring with a perturbed and irate look, James meanwhile remains in the ring with Squid towering over him with bad intentions. He reaches down and pulls him up, kicking him in the gut, he then grabs the back of his trunks and throws him shoulder first into the ring post, he then pulls him out with a schoolboy pin…



Kickout! James throws his shoulders up in the air.

DF: It’s interesting since this match officially became No DQ…not one man has really gone all out with a weapon or cheated.

JS: This is a match where you need to prove that you’re the best WRESTLER. That’s my opinion anyway…

Mac Daddy Squid stands tall and pulls him from the mat, he then whips him off into the ropes, he then leaps up him as he bounces back taking him down with an acrobatic head scissors takedown, he keeps his legs locked in around his neck and starts squeezing tight forcing James Jackson to gasp for air and fight for his life, he tries to prize apart Mac’s legs apart but to no avail, he then tries to twist and contort his body but that causes more agony. Squid keeps the hold locked in until PhenoM rolls in and dropkicks his legs, James flops back and rolls to his front while Phen clambers to his feet turning to Squid, he smacks him with a shuffle side kick just as he stand knocking him back down to the mat again. PhenoM storms over to him with the look of a psychotic madman. He pulls Squid up and pushes him to the corner laying into him with stiff jabs and hooks, he then keeps him penned in and strikes a few furious uppercuts which send his eyes rolling, Phe now pulls him from the corner and shoulder tackles him hard back in again, he pulls him further out and drops a headbutt, he then grabs him and hurls him up and over with a vicious belly-to-belly toss Suplex. PhenoM then immediately bolts to his feet and starts pacing the ring, he grabs the ropes and goes nuts, which sends the crowd into frenzy, he then turns back to Squid who backs up in the corner, he walks to the chair and picks it up before running around the ring he then bolts towards Squid and leaps with a baseball slide but sticking the chair under his feet causing a horrible collision between steel and flesh as the chair belts Squid in the face and upper body. PhenoM then rolls out of the ring and searches under the ring, he is a few seconds until a murmuring from the front row turns into a buzz as he drags out a sledgehammer!

JS: The sledgehammer!

DF: Oh dear! Squid is a dead man walking! Or dead man slumping.

JS: Lame.

He stares at the hammer with utter awe and hypnosis, he slides in the ring with it and keeps staring at it, James Jackson suddenly comes in from the side and kicks him in the gut, he tries to wrench the hammer free but they embark on a tug of war over it, James quickly moves in and kicks Phenom in the gut, he then places him on his shoulders as he keeps the chair in hand, he then spins him going for the Dances with Wolves but PhenoM manages to crack the side of the hammer of Jackson’s skull, he immediately drops to the floor in a heap and remains motionless leaving Phe to stand with the sledgehammer still in his grasps, he turns back to Squid who pleads with his hands up, PhenoM edges in and raises the hammer above his head allowing a second for Mac Daddy to quickly stick his leg out and up straight into his groin, dead on the target. A collective male groan cries out from the crowd while Phe drops to his knees and instinctively drops the sledgehammer to grab his own. Squid struggles to pull himself up and he spots James and Phe deciding who to go for, he decides to kick Phe in the side of the head sending him too close to the ropes and he falls to the outside, Mac then stalks over James who is still lifeless, he slowly pulls him up and holds him up by his throat taunting him cockily. He then pulls him in and turns him, he grabs him around the waist and throws him back into the turnbuckle with a German Suplex, the impact causes him to land front first in the corner, he remains out as Squid confidently paces the ring.

JS: Make the pin!

PhenoM pulls himself up the apron and Squid spots him, he then charges and tries for a baseball slide which fails as Phe pulls the apron out and allows Squid to slide down trapped between the ring and apron. He is then smacked in the head with stiff shots; Phe then slaps his chest with several fast-paced chops.

DF: Smart work from PhenoM and Squid is somewhat trapped. He had an embarrassment of riches because he thought this match was won and took his time.

PhenoM smacks Squid with a toe kick to the gut, he doubles over and Phe searches under the ring, he pulls out a trashcan and holds it up, he then places it over Squid’s head, he punches it once for luck and grabs a Kendo Stick from the same place under the ring, he puts the apron back down and lifts the stick in the air. James Jackson desperately crawls over and leans over the bottom rope, PhenoM smirks and just belts him across the head with a clattering noise, he shakes his head and PhenoM hits him again this time sending him away as he rolls away clutching his head and struggling to move. Phe turns his attention back to Squid and begins belting the trashcan over and over with shot after shot, the crowd roars him on and a big “UHW” chant goes up. He finally stops with the trashcan looking less than perfect with crumples and dents all over. PhenoM then pulls the apron out and Squid collapses to the floor with Grace biting her nails as she looks on. Phen then turns to her and smirks before sliding back in the ring, he pulls James from the corner by his feet and raises his arm in the air, he goes to lock in the Sharpshooter but James manages to clutch onto the ropes, he then turns his body and twists PhenoM in the air. He lands hard on his back and both men now start to stand simultaneously. James staggers forward with a trickle of blood running down his forehead, he charges PhenoM and both men lock up, they try to gain the upper hand and PhenoM looks to have done that when James quickly spins out and around Phe, he then reaches around him and pulls him up and slams him with a Back Suplex. James bolts to his feet and limps to Phe, pulling him up, he then knees him in the gut before pulling his head down and kneeing him in the face a couple of times, he then throws him over with a belly-to-belly Suplex but somehow he manages to flip onto his feet and he waits for Jackson to turn, PhenoM then swings a boot for another shuffle side kick but he gets caught and James connects with a beautiful Capture Suplex! The crowd applauds and roars with appreciation meanwhile, he makes a quick cover…



Kickout! Phenom powers out and James just slides off and slowly crawls away shaking his head.

JS: He’s taken many beatings to the head in this match and he’s still going!

DF: It’s tough to shake the impact off a chair shot off, not to mention the rest he’s endured but he’s a survivor as is PhenoM and Squid by the looks of things.

PhenoM grabs his back and sits up shaking his head, James is on one knee now and pulls himself up with the ropes, he staggers forward and lunges at PhenoM and takes him down with a running knee to the head, he drops forward and stands again while he looks down on Phe who is rolling around holding his face. He stands now and grabs a leg, pulling him to the center of the ring, he then reaches down and pulls the other leg up, bending it behind the straight leg, he then reaches through and twists him before locking in the Texas Cloverleaf mid-ring with Squid still dazed and barely moving on the outside. PhenoM screams out and tries to move but cannot, he grasps at thin air with his other arm clutching his face scratching and writhing in agony, James screams out with his face turning red with intensity.

DF: PhenoM is in BIG trouble!

James continues to sit down and plant his feet further causing more pain towards his opponent, Phe tries his up most to push himself up but with his energy draining fast he starts to stumble and his head slowly drops to the mat. He grasps his palms still but doesn’t make much movement as his eyes slowly roll in his head. Michael St. Clare gets a closer look and grabs his arm, he lifts it up once and it drops, he grabs the arm again but suddenly moves, James looks confused and doesn’t have a chance to move when Squid charges in with a big boot to the side of his head, JJ collapses and clutches his forehead as PhenoM’s head just drops with his legs, he then takes in deep breaths as Squid drags him and turns him on his back, he then hooks both legs intently and impatiently screaming at the referee who slides down and counts…



T-JAMES JACKSON just breaks the pin count up and pushes Squid away, he then staggers up and hops over PhenoM’s torso, he then kicks Squid in the ribs as he tries to stand, James again kicks him in the ribs just as he lands on his back, he then drops down and mounts him laying into him with lefts and rights, he stands off and pulls him to his feet, he then clasps around his waist with his head under his armpit, he then slings back with a Northern Lights Suplex, he bridges and St. Clare drops in…



Kickout! Squid just breaks free and rolls to his front, James meanwhile rolls to his feet and shakes the cobwebs off again, he slaps his face a couple of times and makes a move towards Squid, he stops and turns to PhenoM who is pulling himself up in the corner, James then makes a move towards him, he then stops and grabs Squid who is nearly to his feet, he then clutches him in for a Belly-to-Belly when PhenoM jumps up and grabs James from behind who connects with the Belly-to-Belly Suplex but is nailed with the German Suplex from PhenoM! Both James and Squid go over with the latter nearly hitting the ropes but he manages to collapse under the bottom rope to the outside. James meanwhile lands and clutches the back of his head with PhenoM staggering to his feet drained. He bends down over James and tries to pull him up but James grabs him and sends him through the nearby ropes where he lands close to Squid. James spots the chair and picks it up, he then walks back near the ropes and goes to the corner where he climbs the turnbuckle with chair in hand, Squid remains on his back as PhenoM glances up and crawls the other way and around the ring. James then pulls the chair to his head and leaps off with a HUGE Swandive Headbutt, he soars down with his hand clutching the chair just in front of his forehead, he then bombs straight down onto Squid connecting head with steel onto head! Both men then remain on the mat with the chair in between them. Neither moves.




PhenoM pulls himself up the ring steps and looks down at both men in shock, he then climbs the other corner himself and stares down at both men, he stands tall on the top pad and carefully turns his back before leaping and soaring down with an amazing moonsault landing on both men!


DF: WHAT?! Another high-risk move and all three men are down!

JS: It’s a race to see who gets up first!

PhenoM clutches his gut and slowly lumbers to the announce table, meanwhile James Jackson, holding his forehead sits up against the ring apron with Squid on his back close by eyes flickering, PhenoM slowly stands and uses the table as a prop, he walks to JJ and grabs his wrist, he then whips him into the announce table and he flies over it onto the laps of Denzel and Josh whose headsets cut out. Phenom then staggers over and climbs on the table, he reaches down and pulls James up and positions him on the table, he lays into him with lefts and rights and knees him in the stomach, he then plants his foot and goes for the evenflow DDT but James pushes up and lifts PhenoM up over his head, he then crashes back down onto the table with a Northern Lights Suplex! The table remains in tact and both men remain on the table. Squid crawls up the table and pulls PhenoM off of it, he then staggers to his feet grabbing him by the hair, and he then throws him in the ring and groggily follows after him. James remains on the table trying to sit up but he clutches at his back suddenly and drops to the floor behind the table. In the ring, Squid clambers over PhenoM and hooks his legs…



Th-Kickout!! PhenoM just throws his shoulders off the mat. Squid sits back and looks out at the buzzing crowd as they anxiously watch on.


He stands up now and staggers around the ring, he pulls PhenoM up onto his feet but he just staggers back into the ropes, meanwhile James crawls from by the table and grabs the ring apron, he pulls himself up as Squid turns to him, he then walks over and Jackson drops back down, Squid leaves him and charges at PhenoM, he goes for a clothesline but he is tossed over the ropes, he manages to hold on to the top rope and stands on the apron, PhenoM turns to him and kicks him through the ropes with some venom, he then goes for a Suplex over the ropes but Mac Daddy fights him off, he then goes for another but Squid breaks free and charges his gut through the middle rope, he then leaps over the top rope to the side of PhenoM, grabbing across his chest he then drops with an STO. Phe squirms across the ring and Mac stands up seemingly revitalized, he looks for James but doesn’t see him so he continues his onslaught of PhenoM.

DF: Are we on?!

JS: Yes!

DF: Sorry about that folks, we temporarily lost sound.

JS: And we’re back in time to see Mac Daddy Squid take control of this match!

Squid kicks him in the ribs and kicks him again sending him across the ring, James Jackson then pulls himself up and slides in the ring, he staggers to his feet with his hands up ready, Squid turns to him and allows PhenoM to stand up as all three men circle each other fists drawn, James’ vigor quickly dies when Squid and PhenoM nod at each other before charging him down with a beatdown, both men begin stomping down on him and punching him. The crowd erupts into a frenzied bout of boos. PhenoM pulls Squid away and drags James to his feet, he then grabs him and throws him to Squid who locks his arms around his waist, PhenoM then charges and smacks a shuffle side kick across James’ jaw, then Squid takes him back over with a German Suplex, he keeps the bridge in and St. Clare slides in…


PhenoM quickly breaks the count, Squid stands and they square up pushing each other away. James tries to stand but both men pull him up again and whip him off into the corner, Phenom charges first and connects with a running knee to his face, he bounces off and rolls out of the ring, Squid then charges and lunges at him with a diving spear to his gut. PhenoM then rolls back in with the steel chair in hand. He turns to Squid and smashes the chair onto his skull, he drops and PhenoM continues to savagely beat him with the chair, tosses the chair aside and then kicks him out of the ring, Phe turns to JJ and grabs him by the hair, he then charges him to the ropes and throws him straight over to the outside also. Now he slides out and drags Squid to the barrier, he then drapes him over the top and walks to James, he kicks him in the face before scaring off Grace who screams and runs around the ring.

DF: PhenoM is looking menacing here, he’s got his eyes set on the Universal Title and he’ll do whatever it takes.

JS: Look at his eyes, there’s that sick look I saw last Sacrifice. And we know what happened there…

PhenoM reaches in the ring and grabs the chair, he then climbs the apron and dictates the crowd moving a portion from around by Squid, he then leaps off with the chair under his arm with an elbow drop, he then crashes the chair down on Squids head and he crashes through a couple of chairs on the front row, Squid falls down and remains motionless as the crowd around them go nuts.

Crowd: UHW! UHW! UHW!

Squid flinches a little and his eyes glaze over as he stares helplessly up at the rafters. PhenoM struggles to stand himself and he gets to his wobbly feet, he drops to his knees and spots James climbing up to the ring, PhenoM lowers his head and begins to crawl to the barrier, James shakes his head in the ring and kneels up next to the ropes, he then charges the opposite ropes and bounces off them to gain speed, he then leaps up the ropes and springboards on top. He gains his balance and waits for Phenom to stand and he does a second later, James then leaps off with a forward senton crashing down onto PhenoM over the barrier and into the crowd. All three men lie in the front row writhing in pain. James manages to get to his feet first along with PhenoM and they begin a bout of stiff martial arts strikes and kicks. The fans around them cheer on and move for them as they kick each other to pieces, James manages to get an upper hand and pushes him away, he then waits for him to lunge back and he does and is taken over with a nice T-Bone Suplex into some empty seats, he arches his back and stays on the chairs, James then quickly drops with an elbow drop to further the damage. Squid pulls himself up and folds up one of the chairs from the front row, he then charges and swings at Jackson but he ducks and spins Squid on the spot, he then tries to kick the chair from his hand but he moves and lifts it up, JJ however kicks him in the stomach and he doubles over drooping the chair, James tries to grab it but Squid rams it straight into his stomach and quickly hoists it high sending it crashing down onto James Jackson’s spine. He then lifts the chair again and turns to PhenoM smacking him in the stomach with the chair, he screams out and doubles over on his back, rolls off the chairs and tries to crawl away. Squid drops the chair and pulls PhenoM up, he tosses him over the barrier and turns back to James who is now stood on a chair! He leaps off with a flying shining wizard connecting with spectacular athleticism. Squid slumps back with James kneeling over his upper body, he now stands and he clambers over the barrier and joins PhenoM in the ringside area. He kicks him in the gut and pulls him to his feet, he then picks him up on his shoulders and drops with the Dances With Wolves straight onto the mat. He then climbs to a vertical base and leans down to pull PhenoM up and slide him in the ring but Squid screams out and climbs up the barrier, he lifts one leg over but JJ charges over to him and punches him in the forehead knocking him back down, James climbs over and grabs a chair himself and raises it above a knelt Squid pleading, to no avail as the chair comes crashing down with an almighty clatter sending the Mac Daddy to his back with blood pouring from his forehead. James raises the chair again but a man steps in front of him and tries to wrestle the chair free, Security bolt to him and pull him off but Grace comes running around and shouts something:


The security relinquish and this man checks down on Squid as James backs up confused, he climbs over the barrier keeping his eye on Grace, he then pulls PhenoM to his feet slowly.

DF: I must tell you; Squid’s two managers Grace and Bruce are saving his skin.

JS: So that man is Bruce? Another manager?!

DF: Yep. I don’t like it but managers are allowed at ringside so no point complaining.

JS: Strange, you normally whine. I agree, though and they’ve earned their money tonight. They’re saviors!

PhenoM is rolled into the ring with James hot tailing behind, he stands up and wipes his forehead full of sweat and dried blood, he kneels down and attempts to pick him up when he is dragged into a small package!



Kickout!! James just wriggles free and immediately stands up, Phe is slower on the uptake and staggers to his feet, he swings at James but misses, he then charges with a clothesline but it is ducked and James turns and hooks his arms under into a full nelson, he then snaps back and connects with a Dragon Suplex, he releases and stands up slowly and calculatingly, he looks across at Squid slowly coming over the barrier with assistance from Bruce he collapses to the mat but does not move and Bruce hops over and joins Grace, he then takes her away from Squid a little. James looks down at PhenoM, pulls him up and whips him in the rope, he bounces back and James catches him in a sleeper hold. He twists it into a headlock and wrenches the neck, he then grabs his arm and locks in a standing armbar, and he then pulls him around and down to the mat taking it into a grounded armbar, he wrenches back as Phenom cries out in pain, he then quickly stands and stomps down on the arm before grabbing it and turning him onto his back, he keeps the arm and drops his legs around it and across his neck before slapping in the fujiwara armbar, the crowd applauds and whistles as James keeps working the arm in the armbar, he then locks his legs around the arm and pulls tight as PhenoM attempts to sit up, he does manage to turn but he has to stand with his arm still locked in the vice grip of James Jackson, PhenoM tries to pull him up on his arm and gets him half way in the air but lets go and James keeps the armbar locked on his arm, PhenoM then tries to punch with his weaker hand but he gets more misses then hits, he slowly starts to fades but again bursts up and pulls James up with brute strength, he then turns and charges into the turnbuckle and Jackson release, he drops his feet but manages to duck a chop and spins around to PhenoM’s back, he pulls both arms back and connects with a nice Tiger Suplex. He releases and rolls back and hooks the leg but Squid climbs up into the ring and pulls James Jackson off from his leg, he then grabs his ankle and drops down and locks in an STF! The crowd gasps as James immediately tries to fight free…

DF: James had been working on PhenoM’s arm and had him down and possible beaten but Squid with some assistance comes back into this match and now he has the advantage as he locks in the STF on James Jackson!!!

JS: Don’t discount anybody in this match. A lot of the time it’s straight up one-on-one while the third man recovers…it’s about who can take advantage and do the telling damage, ultimately recording the victory!

James tries to clamber free but the STF is locked in tight and Squid again looks revitalized. He wrenches the neck back and screams out, Michael St. Clare slides in and asks James if he quits, he screams out and shakes his head and tries to get closer to the ropes, meanwhile PhenoM, sits up but collapses again holding his head, he slowly crawls closer to Squid and James who still fights but fast becomes lifeless. He looks out in agony and raises his hand, PhenoM lunges forward and stops the hand hitting the mat as he is about to tap, Phe grabs the hand with one of his hands and smacks Squid in the jaw with his other, he doesn’t break the hold and James struggles and raises his other hand shaking it, PhenoM then smacks Squid again, this time knocking him off James releasing the hold. JJ just drops his head and his hand flops down as PhenoM rolls away in relief. The crowd sigh a breath of relief and a PhenoM/James Jackson round of chants goes up.

Crowd: PhenoM! James Jackson! PhenoM! James Jackson!

DF: Our fans united behind two UHW stalwarts, legends. While this outsider Squid gets the UHW fan treatment he deserves.

JS: Don’t be like these fans. Squid is a paid UHW performer and a signed wrestler; he has as much right to be in this match as anyone else!

Squid pulls himself up slowly gasping and sweating, he stares at PhenoM with contempt and charges at him but he rolls away and drops to the outside, he clutches at something under the ring quickly and crawls away with his palm closed. Squid unawares climbs out of the ring after him trash talking, PhenoM then turns and throws a black mist into Squids eyes, who immediately drops to his knees holding his face and eyes, a black power covers the upper half of his face and he screams out squinting his eyes as PhenoM kneels up and limps off around the ring. Phen then squirms back in the ring and leaps onto James Jackson with a pin…



THRE-KICKOUT!!!! JAMES just throws his arm up as the crowd jumps up exhaustedly cheering.


Phe sits up in shock and stares out at the crowd as Squid is on the outside aimlessly staggering around. Bruce walks up and pulls a tissue from his pocket, he then wipes his eyes clean as Grace applauds, she helps her brother back as Squid stares in the ring blinking frantically, he rolls in and stares at PhenoM who stands up and stares back, they both then stomp down on James Jackson frantically, Squid pulls him up and then blasts him with the G Spot pedigree! Squid makes a cover only for PhenoM to pull him off, Phe then drags James to his feet and hits his finisher the Phenomenom pedigree! Squid quickly pulls James up and throws him over the top rope to the outside, he turns back and PhenoM quickly kicks him in the gut and goes for the Phenomenom again! Squid quickly breaks free and back body drops PhenoM out of the ring! Squid then rolls out of the ring following, he pulls Phe up and throws him face first into the ring post before dragging him towards the announce table. Squid then rolls him on the table and lays into him with lefts and rights, he steps back and grabs a steel chair, he then smashes the chair straight down onto Phe’s chest and sternum. Squid turns and stares out at the crowd with a cocky grin, he leaps on the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, he stands on the top pad and looks down on PhenoM with the crowd holding it’s breath…


Squid then leaps off with the Super Nova shooting star press straight down onto PhenoM crashing through the table! Both men then lie struggling to move, flinching and staring blankly into the rafters!


James Jackson now staggers around and pulls PhenoM up from the wreckage, he drags him to the ring and rolls him in the ring, he slowly climbs in after him, he slowly gets to his feet and stands over PhenoM, he then drops and pulls him up slowly clambering on his knees, PhenoM tries to move but James slowly and awkwardly pulls him up to his feet, he then pulls him in and hooks both of his arms, Squid starts to move on the outside and Bruce starts pulling him to his feet. James then nails the Jackson Driver on PhenoM who passes out in the ring! Grace suddenly hops onto the apron and shouts at the referee, St. Clare who goes over and warns her to get going, Squid slowly climbs up the apron as James hooks Phe’s leg, St. Clare slides back and makes the count…



THREE…! NO ! Squid JUST pulls James Jackson out of the ring! He then smashes him with a left hand and drops him on the outside, Squid staggers around and throws James back in the ring, he then rolls in after slowly.

DF: What is going on?! Bruce and Grace are an unfair advantage out here!

JS: This could go either way! I think PhenoM’s lights are out, Denzel! His match could be over!

James tries to stand but Squid keeps pulling his leg, James squirms free, though and stands, he stalks Squid who groggily stands on one leg, he kneels down and tries to burst up but James takes him down with a stiff-arm clothesline! James then makes a quick cover…



Kickout! Squid flinches his shoulder off the mat, James sits up and stands, he paces the ring and spots Bruce lurking on the outside, he ignores him and pulls Squid up to his feet. He then kicks him in the gut and lifts him into a TKO position, he then connects with the Dances with Wolves as the crowd erupts! James slowly crawls back over to him and hooks his leg…



THREE-- KICKOUT!!!! Squid JUST throws his arm up as the crowd groans and falls stunned in shock. Squid tries to roll away but a lack of energy prevents that. James Jackson kneels up clutching his hair and he starts pounding the mat in anger, he then stands up and pulls Squid up to his feet…


JS: I don’t know…this is epic…

Slowly PhenoM comes to and James drops Squid, he pulls PhenoM to his feet who suddenly kicks James in the gut, he hooks his arms and hit’s the Jackson Driver onto James himself! PhenoM collapses backwards as James stare up at the ceiling with glazed eyes. PhenoM takes in deep breaths and slowly stands on his feet, he stares at both men, he drops to his knees next to James and slowly covers him, he doesn’t get to hear a count when Squid lunges on top from nowhere, he breaks the count and can only crawl away on his stomach, PhenoM stands and stumbles over James, he then pulls Squid to his feet and kicks him in the gut, he signals for the PhenoMenom when Squid breaks out and reverses into an STO! Squid then stands and pulls James Jackson up on his feet, he kicks him in the gut and goes for the G-Spot but PhenoM leaps up and goes for a Superkick, Squid is quick to react in the circumstances and ducks the kick, he then turns PhenoM around and kicks HIM in the gut, he then drops him with his own Pedigree! James rolls around on the mat and tries to stand, Squid walks over and bends down to pick him up but James somehow rolls him into a small package!



Squid just breaks free!!

DF: How much more can they do!?

Squid stands now and tries to get to James but he is up and they exchange weak lefts and rights, Squid tries to bounce off the ropes but James gets in his face and knocks him with a forearm, he pulls him from the ropes and kicks him in the gut but Squid doubles over then breaks free and hits James in the nose with an uppercut, he then pushes him away and bounces back off the ropes, he then takes him down with a vicious Spear! James crumples up and rolls on his front, Squid stands and walks to PhenoM, he then grabs him up and throws him through the ropes to the outside, meanwhile James sits up slowly swaying from side to side, James then drops back holding his gut, Squid turns to him and paces over, he then stomps down on him and drags him to his feet, he kicks him in the gut and goes for the G-Spot but James breaks free again, he reverses and kicks Squid in the gut for the Jackson Driver! Squid breaks free suddenly and pokes James in the eye with his thumb, he then quickly drives him with the G-Spot finally and turns him on his back, he slowly stands and powers to the corner with large, heavy steps, he stares out at the tense crowd and ascends slowly to the top rope, he shakes as he turns inwards, staring down at James….


DF: Oh man! He looks shaky up there!

PhenoM slowly stands up on the outside but drops to his knees in pain, Squid then leaps of and connects with the Super Nova onto James! The crowd falls silent as Squid remains on James’ lifeless torso…St. Clare then slides in…




The bell rings out echoing throughout the arena, the crowd falls silent and Squid remains covered over James. PhenoM kneels up on the outside and clutches his hair in agony.




“Beneath” by Nothingface blares out as Bruce and Grace jump in the ring, with Bruce clutching the Universal Title, he helps Squid to his feet and gives him the belt! Grace then disrespectfully rolls James Jackson slowly out of the ring sending him crashing to the mat. The stunned crowd’s silence slowly turns into angered booing and resentment.

DF: What a match but is Squid was doing this alone would he STILL be the champion right now?!

JS: What are you trying to say?

Squid slowly stands and clutches at the title, his eyes light up and he grins evilly at the belt as Mark Murder and Harvey Cross run down the aisle to congratulate him. They slide in and slowly loft him on their shoulders as he holds the belt high, he starts to be pelted with empty cups and litter as an irate crowd voices their anger.


Squid grins back with a jubilant Freaks Army lofting him high, his manager and Grace applaud looking up at the new champion.

DF: No matter what happened, no matter how it happened, we have a new champion, a new Universal Champion in Squid. A new era is being ushered in here and not many people like it.

JS: The Freak Era has begun, Denzel.

The UHW logo flashes on the screen as does James Jackson who sits up the barrier being patted by fans, he holds his head in his hands and stares up at Squid, PhenoM is stood by the commentary table with his hands on his sides, breathing deeply he just stares in the ring. The last shot is of Squid being held on the shoulders of Harvey Cross and Mark Murder, with Grace and Bruce applauding either side of them. The camera zooms in on Squids grin before he kisses the title and holds it higher in the air. Fade to black.