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[size=175][font=Impact] TUTORIALS

All tutorials are my design, and any similarities is completely coincidental. I would never knowingly copy another persons work. All of my tutorials are either created entirely by me or inspired from other work I have seen, although not copied.

If you would like to translate my tutorials into another language, please contact me by clicking the Contact Me link.
You are welcome to TEXT LINK to my tutorials only, no copying any thing and posting it elsewhere. Please text link to the homepage. PLEASE no hot linking!

Although the tutorials are my creations, whatever you create with them is your own work, and you may use it for whatever wishes you would like, including monetary gain. All supplies supplied by me are to my knowledge free to use. If you see something that is not, please contact me so that I may remove it immediately. If I have included supplies that you have created and I have not given you credit, please let me know and I will remove it or add your credits to the tutorial.
My tutorials are registered with TWI. You can visit their site [url=http://www.tutorial-writers-inc.com/]HERE[/url]

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