The Rules

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1. Tuchuk is a full Mirror Zone. If we cannot do it in your home, you can't do it in ours.

2. All RPO rules, regulations, common sense will be followed here.

3. Prodigy is observed here.

4. This is a room for ROLEPLAY... not lifestyle. If you wish to mix the two find another room. This is GOR, not BDSM. The difference is great. If you want to play BDSM, they have rooms for that, this is not one of them.

5. Roleplay does not mean sitting around the fire talking about how awesome we are... find something to do, whether it's clan work, fucking a slave, getting drunk and riding a mount... don't care...

6. EVERYONE free and slave alike who lives here is expected to become part of the culture.... frees will be expected to learn it and roleplay it.

7. Do NOT ignore Storytellers.

8. Observers are allowed here. Just make it known that you are here to watch.

9. Anonymous names will be booted immediately without warning. In other words, take a name, even if it's George the mighty drunken dragon slaying midget.

10. Gorean ROLEPLAY is explicit, this means there may be open scenes of an adult nature. This does not just mean sex. I can and will include rather graphic violence. If you are offended by such be aware that it is within the scope of realistic roleplay that a man may well decide to make sexual use of a slave in the open areas of camp/city. How you react and what you are exposed to is entirely up to you. Remember, there is ignore for a reason.

11. If you come here for a visit, remember it is not YOUR culture that needs to be respected, but ours. So don't cry if you don't get called Jarl, Lord of Dingleberries High Mucky Muck.

12. Outlaws are just that. Unless you are petitioning for a Homestone, expect a harsh reality.

13. Assassins did not hunt the plains Period.

14. OOC- it exists. Don't be a dick with it.

15. We do not support the use of "old gorean" languages and customs. If you choose to speak such languages, or act in such ways... expect to be looked at like you're a three headed goat.