Looking for help with Panther units

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Hey guys,
I am still looking into panther production and their deliveries and I need some help please. In Tom Jentz book Germany's Panther Tank there are a number of photos where he states the fahrgestell number of the vehicle but not the unit which they were assigned to. I only have 3 vehicles so far with all the info required. If anyone knows the confirmed unit ID of any of the Panthers shown and can let me know I would greatly appreciate it, or if anyone has a panther with a known fahrgestell number and a unit ID that is not in the book and could pass that on it would also be appreciated. Once I have the info and have sorted through it I will post the results. The larger the number of vehicles the more accuarte the info will be whatever the outcome is,
regards Neill

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Hi Neil

You're probably aware that MAN is the main assembly plant to paint on chassis numbers. DB have in some instances stenciled the number on zimmeritted examples, and I personally am not aware of an MNH Panther with a chassis number. However, you'd think there must be.

The three examples found in the Jentz book are factory shots (hence no BK's), prior to being handed over to the Army, and I believe you will have to be pretty lucky to match any of those to the receiving units.

As to your question, I can be of assistance in regards to a few MAN numbers:


'121037' = '201' ASW
'121080' = '052' Befehls
'121153' = '211' (sourced from DITM, page 287)


'121190' unknown tac number


'121137' = '125'
'121146' = '327'
'121051' ASW unknown tac number

Pz.Div Herman Goring

'121039' ASW unknown tac #
'121081' = 'R01' Befehls

I.Pz.Rgt.16 (116PD Windhund)

'121026' zimmeritted, unknown tac #
'121230' unkownn tac #
'121290' unknown tac #

I hope these can be of some assistance, and can you please provide a valid email address.



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Hey Anthony,
thank you for the help. There are a number of these I do not yet have and the more that there are the more accurate the conclusions should be. As for the email I checked the N54 account and it shows the correct email, but if there is anything else you need me to do please let me know. An Aussie living in Madison WI if thats any help.
Regards Neill