German vehicle markings

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May 16th, 2009, 3:17 pm #1

Hello everyone,

A friend of mine has photos of german tank markings that we cannot ID.

The first is a Panzer IV E in 1941. On the left front trackguard there is a solid white rhomboid (similar to the tactical sign for Panzer) with darker stripes running from corner to corner to make a St.Andrews cross. Does this possibly
indicate a command vehicle?

The second is a panzer IV G that has an outline triangle on the turret sides forward of the turret doors. This fills about half of that area and looks (B&W interpretation danger!)like it is red. It is similar in size and shape to a British unit marking.
The writing on the back refers to being with SS "Wiking". Could this be a "Wiking" command vehicle?

Any help gratefully appreciated.