Any command Jagpanthers in II./Pz.Lehr-Rgt.130?

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I already asked this question in ML forum, and got not replies, which is natural, since it is a so specific question, but I decided to try my chances here, hope you do not mind.

So here it goes:

I just read a lot of interesting articles and posts of last days of II./Pz.Lehr-Rgt.130 jadgpanthers (including Martin Block's & John Nelson's interesting article in AFV modeller Nº1 and particularly a recent post here on JP nº823 - ... in+Colour- - ) delivered in early april after the end of the ruhr pocket, and I know there are some well know photos of 823 and gunnar Janson has modeled is "brother" nº 822.

I was just wondering if anyone has any idea on how numerals on the command jagpanthers would look like, would they have "II-01" or "II-02" painted in the same blue-grey colour? And would any Befehls -jagdpanther been delivered within the 35 jagdpanther delivered in early april 45 to II./Pz.Lehr-Rgt.130

Would they look like this?


I promise I will not ask the name of the JD commander nor the colour of his hair