The Problem With Paintball

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I love the game of paintball, always have. It's how I have risen from being some randy non to being on the lb in just a few months. But in the many games of paintball I have seen it's slow decline, and the slow decline of many other games. In fact just generally in the decline of minecraft itself, which I may make a section about later.

But anyways back on topic. There are a few overall main problems with paintball, and it's not spawn trapping, how 1% demolish the 99%, it's the fact that paintball is boring. I will get back to that in a second, but first to address the 1% destroying 99%.

This happens in every game, whether it be warlords, skywars, megawallz, cops and crims. Lets compare paintball to warlords. Really good players could be considered the level 90 players, anyone with fortune 20 could be considered level 50 players, (Single shotters could be aquamancers) and everyone else will be level 0's. The level 0's in warlords, lets be honest, usually don't know what they are doing, aren't very good, and tend to just get murdered by the better players. This is the way it is in almost ANY game. The reason that there are many less "lvl 50" players in pb is because the line of progression isn't always clear in paintball, the way to get better in paintball isn't obvious. A game like warlords it's very simple and easy to pickup. Epic and legendary weapons are the best, you level up, and you stab things. But in paintball most people don't even know what perks are, or how to activate a killstreak. The only thing they can figure out to make them better is to buy better hats, hence all the "Which hat should I get" threads. The only reason I got into pb is because I actually paid attention to what people were doing to destroy me (aka triple shot) and started using that. If that hadn't happened, which it may never have happened if I hadn't gotten into a game with @AyeCool 5 times in a row, I would still be some randy non calling haks on everything and saving up to buy an agentk hat.

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