What is the grooving inside of the WN62 casemates on Omaha Beach

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I wonder if anyone can help me with the reason some of the casemate in Normandy have lots of wavy groves cut into all the internal sides of the concrete.I have noticed that Both Casemates of WN62 on Omaha beach have these markings.I have asked a couple of tour guide and both gave different answers.One said it was part of the construction and used in the woodwork for the formwork,but as a carpenter I can not see why this is needed.Another said it was to stop the bullets and shells from bouncing off the walls if it was targeted and hit..
It looks more like camouflage  but can not be as some casemates have it also on the inside of the front side there-fore never being seen from the outside.

I have put a picture below to show what I am writing about and appreciate any help.
Thanks and loving this forum.
20180521_154943.jpg 20180521_154947.jpg