Please help with Original M42 Paratrooper jump jacket?[updated]

Please help with Original M42 Paratrooper jump jacket?[updated]

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Hi everyone,

My name is Tai from Australia and I used to collect WW2 militaria and participated reenactment events during my high school years and I am sort of getting back into it.

Recently, I came across what claims to be an original m-42 jump jacket. I don't know the general going price and rarity of these jackets are now compared to 10 years ago,(2006 is when I sort of stopped collecting and reenacting)

but it was my dream to have one in my posession as a high school student, so I am very tempted.

It is described as original jacket, and it appears to be one. However I have my doubts in my own judgement as I have never touched or seen an original example in person,

and with my limited knowledge I might be missing important points to determine the originality of the jacket.

I have other ww2 US original uniforms in my collection, and when I compare the oxidation on the snap buttons, and zipper leads me to believe this could perhaps be an authentic jacket.

It doesn't seems to be artificially aged.

The main zipper is Crown and the Talon, but I read that Conmar and Serval were more commonly used.

Snap buttons are scovill.

Jacket still retains its has the QM tag, but it's well worn.

The armpit vents are made out of metal, and I believe no reproduction companies makes jacket with metal armpit vents?

Also the size of the jacket is 36L and I believe reproduction companies only sticks to R, no S or L.

I am not sure about the SSI, but the chevron and 48 stars american flags looks pretty genuine.

I asked the seller about the history behind the jacekt and told me that he bought it off 
an old british man who was a paratrooper in the 50s and got the jacket off the original owner.

I don't think that really helps with validation, but I thought I'd add it here.

What do you guys think? The price is pretty fair for what I think, but it's a decent amount of money for me to sepnd.

Any input would help.

The photos are in the link below.

P.S. I was at work when I wrote this post earlier today, and I think I just wrote whole lot of mumbo jumbo, so I re-wrote the post. ... res/x270qk
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