New Member--Son of Sgt. John H. Barickman, HQ Co., 2nd Battalion, 506 PIR

New Member--Son of Sgt. John H. Barickman, HQ Co., 2nd Battalion, 506 PIR

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Mr Bando and Forum,

I am the son of Sgt. John H. Barickman, mortar platoon,  HQ Co, 2nd Battalion, 506 PIR.  I was delighted to see his name mentioned in reference to  the confusion over John D. Halls, w ho was Dad's best friend.  (You must have interviewed Dad at some point.)  Regrettably, BoB got the name wrong in the Brecourt segment.   One of 16 kids in a Mormon family, Halls was well-known in our family. Dad is now 96 y/o, but has vivid menories of his service. He has several photos that the members might enjoy--Toccoa, Benning, Aldbourne, and Carentan.  Once I learn how to attach them I will  do so.

Thanks for being a tireless historian.

Paul  H. Barickman

Simon H
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Would be very interested in seeing any pictures Paul, if you can post them.

Best Wishes from England,
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Hello Paul-Welcome to the TT forum.  I also have another TT page on Facebook.  If you are a FB member, let me know what name you use 
and I'll get you onboard there, as well.  I do more daily checking and posting there now, than on this page.  A relative of yours named
Kurt Barickman from MN used to be a regular here.  He contacted your dad over a decade ago and got some interesting information
about the famous photo taken of troopers riding in a VW jeep in Carentan. We can discuss that, and the identities of those in the photo
in future posts are or on FB.