Film Interviews with Cole, Stopka, and Lillyman from June 24, 1944

Film Interviews with Cole, Stopka, and Lillyman from June 24, 1944

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I recently joined this forum as I am researching the 502 and the 377, and Mr Bando's work has been very helpful to me.  In the course of my in searches, I came across the following footage.  I think it should be required viewing for anyone interested in military history, the 101st AB, Normandy Campaign, etc., so I thought I would share the videos here.  Does anyone have any info on who conducted the interviews?  I have seen a great deal of footage from the Nromandy campaign, but never field interviews with audio like these.  If you haven't seen them, sit back and enjoy hearing the stories from the men who lived them only two weeks after the events occurred.  (Also watch for the little wisecrack Lillyman makes around 7:00 on the second video.  Commenting on the multiple takes, it sounds like he says "time and a half for this?" and his men chuckle behind him.)

LTC Robert Cole and various 502 enlisted men - Carentan - filmed 6/24/1944 - Part 1/2: ... tube_gdata

LTC Robert Cole, Maj. John Stopka, Capt. Frank Lillyman - Carentan - filmed 6/24/1944 - Part 2/2: ... tube_gdata

Thanks to Mr. Bando for all of his work and dedication to documenting the 101st.

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Indeed these videos are very well know, and a must see if you are interested in the Normandy campaign. The one soldier, in the Cole video, who speaks is John F. Whitton (I/502nd). He talks about how Item company had to cross bridge number 2, under rifle, sniper and 88 fire.