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13 Mar 2014, 23:24 #101

What in the world took them five years?

The answer lies in the fact that the clown was never vetted to begin with.
The so-called "birthers" had it right all along. Detective Zullo knows what he's talking about.

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21 Mar 2014, 14:40 #102

We are so screwed, Russia is taking what they want, and Obama is picking out his March Madness Brackets.
   That's the story covered in his State run Media, when they are not reporting the plane was taken by aliens or fell into a black hole.
If Russia wants to they can take anything they want , no one is going to lift a hand to stop them, in fact we took out all stops when the King took over in 2009.
Maybe they want Cuba again too, can you see Obama stopping them like JFK did ? even from the same office holding the same power as JFK did.
I feel were are set to defend ourselves on our own.
We have no stomach to do nothing but say " don't do that".
 All the while SoS Kerry in in Uganda  trying to show that dictator where he is wrong about gays and fags.
 You know Obama sent a queer delegation to Putin  back before the Olympics ,to show him  he was wrong about them.
 All the while our leaders are bragging about downsizing our military and shoving their health care up our bum.
We are thru.


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02 Jun 2014, 15:36 #103

The C.O. of 1st Bn 501st Parachute Infantry told me this sad fact, several years ago. ... dahl-case/

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The release of the five top Taliban commanders in exchange
for one oath (of enlistment) violating GI has brought about well-publicized
celebrations of a great victory by the Taliban. Both the mainstream American
media and the foreign press are reporting this. For this to happen just as we are
preparing to disengage in Afghanistan, is tantamount to a surrender to
terrorism and more than an insult to every GI who has fought against it. It is
a betrayal of our military by its commander in chief.


One could believe that the tragedy
in Benghazi was the result of incredible incompetence but this goes far beyond
incompetence. Every member of our armed forces from its commanders on down have
just been told that duty, honor, and discipline are all for naught. What is any
soldier to think if the man next to him can’t be counted on and won’t be held
accountable for failing to do so?


If this doesn’t bite BO in the ass, then
nothing will and all is lost.


BILL  LUDJIN ... ap-n120561 
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The State department is already trying to cover the sh—up.

The childish Info press babe said yesterday that the soldiers that served and hunted for the coward did not know what they were talking about and were in fact “liars”.
The babe knew more than the people in the field hunting the coward.
Also heard yesterday that he was “Drunk” when the Taliban caught him so where did he get the brew in Afghanistan country?
The 5 Killers that Mr. O let go are not only going to kill Americans but people of all countries, it is something that all countries should be concerned about.
This idiot gets away with more sh—every day and no one does anything. and he lies about all things.
What up with him Holding on to the Bergdahls Moms ar—in the Rose garden?

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Heard today that from the military lawyers that it is a case that has to be presented by his unit commander which will most likely do as the commander in Chief wishes. Mr. O’
So I guess Susan Rice was correct that he did serve with Honor and Distinction.
And the State Department babe that called all his comrades liars was also correct , they were just lying about his desertion.
Obama wins again,


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06 Jun 2014, 01:11 #107

Ron - Glad I'm not the only one who thought Hussein was getting pretty chummy with "deserter-mama". For a moment - I thought we were back in the 1990's. You know, that time when Clinton turned the White House into a pleasure palace of sorts!

I think it is significant that Hussein is operating with no pretense now. He's in your face and not backing down.

Again I ask - Will he leave office in 2016?
Carl Horoho
Lafayette, IN

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If we had a commander in Chief with balls and the guts to protect his country he could have fixed this entire Military screw up and showed he was a man of his word by doing 4 things.
First make sure all the commanders in the field to be on high alert of any threats,
Second take those 5 Taliban chiefs of staff line them up at Gitmo for a firing squad, have the squad dip all the bullets in fresh pig blood and then shoot the five without blindfolds.
video it all ship the tape to Taliban and ask them which five do they want next?
Third send one of his form letters that was signed with an auto pen to the Bo's parents stating he died at the hands of the Taliban.
Forth, don’t say anything to the news media and deny any leak explicitly.
You know Patton kicked a privates ass for being a coward once and Ike only made him set out part of the Normandy invasion because of a democratic President.
These days we have Presidents,Chiefs of staff, Department of defense officials and low grade state department press babes calling Bo’s platoon members all liars to their face.
We have come a long way .
The fags believe when Obama pulls out the troops in 2016 that all hostilities will end.
He is such a POS.
They claim that if he does this again they will impeach him,
Grow some and do it now you fools!

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18 Jun 2014, 05:02 #109


This is an interesting if confusing
development. I thought that the Benghazi incident was a peaceful demonstration
that, instigated by an anti-Muslim video, got out of hand. What was this guy’s
role? Did he run the projector? Of course, the AK47’s and mortar tubes were
just something that peace loving Libyans (who by the way,  live in a stable country) just happened to
have with them. Who would have thought that such a trite issue could have led
to so much death and destruction?


Then there’s Iraq. The obvious
solution to the situation there is for Obama to convince al-Maliki to institute
gun controls. If it were illegal to own guns in Iraq, the violence and
senseless killing would end immediately and U.S. military action wouldn’t be
needed. Then the two religious factions could sit down together and work things
out peaceably. After all, isn’t it well known that religious people are willing
to compromise their faith so that they can live in peace with the Devil? What’s
eternity in hell if we can just have a little peace in this life? With man’s
ability and willingness to reason, it seems obvious that the road to peace is
at hand.



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I love your precious sarcasm, Bill.

I wonder why it took so many educated folks 6 years (!) to figure out what Mr. Soetoro is all about. I am not referring to you, Bill.
Didn't he speak the truth when he said he would FUNDAMENTALLY change the United States of America? Why, the man kept his word!
Obviously, the man is very afraid. The entire top of the military and the CIA have been replaced.

About those terrorists in Iraq, they are the very same folks Obunco wanted to kindly assist by bombing on their behalf. All they did was cross a border they don't recognize. Isn't that something...

We're being infiltrated and sabotaged from the inside out. Remember all those training camps? They exist.

And, in the not too distant future, we'll get attacked from the outside (or the inside). And something tells me this time they won't use box cutters.